Welcome! Let me show you around.

Welcome to my house! Well, it’s not my house, but you know what I mean. 😉

Oh, where are my manners? Come in, come in! Don’t stand on the front porch, though I can understand why you’d want to since it’s so cute and cosy looking. We can grab some tea and sit out here, but let me show you around first.

Don’t worry about taking off your shoes, though if you’d rather take them off, go right ahead. Just put them behind the door there. Yes, exactly.

Let’s start upstairs. I know, I know…it’s not great feng shui the way the stairs point straight out the front door, but it makes for an easy path to get to bed, am I right? Haha! 😅

By the way, how was the drive? I hope you didn’t get stuck on getting onto the bridge for too long. You came across the bridge, right? No? Oh, that’s right. You weren’t up North, DUH! That’s so silly of me- so here’s the upstairs with two bedrooms, one over there and the other just here. And here’s the washroom. Oh, man! Do you need to use the washroom? You were just driving all day. No? Okay, good.

How about we go back downstairs and you can meat the guinea pigs while I make that tea.

Ha! I used the wrong form of “meet”! 😂 No, we’re not gonna “meat the guinea pigs”, my sister would meat me if I let that happen. Gosh, no! We’re going to meet the guinea pigs.

Yeah, they’re right over there. Aren’t they adorable? Just the cutest things that you’ve ever seen! Besides me of course. 😋

What kind of tea would you prefer? I’ve got a lovely silver needle tea that’s quite soothing, or maybe something more like a ginger tea? Oh! Perhaps you’d like tea, earl gray, hot? No? Okay, let’s go with the silver needle one, then, eh?


Kinda depressed.

*insert standard warning of rambling late-night thoughts*

BlimeyCon is a meetup for the patrons of Blimey Cow and it first started as a pipe dream. We joked about all of us getting together one day to meet IRL since we’d become such good friends over the internet. Then last summer, it actually happened. We organised a meetup and it was amazing!

It felt like coming home to the place you felt most comfortable, filled with your most favourite and close people. We thought it would be quite awkward when we first met face-to-face since we’re all introverted to some degree, but that wasn’t the case. It ended up being a smooth transition because we were already all friends. We already had established relationships over the internet that were meaningful, deep, and unique. It was amazing.

Then came the string of goodbyes. Actually, we didn’t say goodbye, we said “see you later”. Everyone was sad and happy at the same time, and nobody wanted to leave. It was a difficult moment.

This year I wasn’t able to make it for the second meetup, and it’s been quite depressing. So on top of my body going through a Crohn’s flare, a headache that’s come and gone for a month now, establishing myself in a new city, working remotely for Paddlefest, and being unable to sleep properly, I’m all sad and depressed because I didn’t get to go to BlimeyCon.

(I’m not complaining, by the way. I’m writing about what’s on my mind and how I’m feeling.)

And now that this year’s event is over, everyone’s experiencing and talking about the post-meetup blues, which I’m now getting too, even though I didn’t go! It’s depressing.

But I’ll survive. We still get to have fun chatting online and there’ll most definitely be another meetup next summer. Hopefully I’ll be there.



Solid Food

I am sooo hungry! I’ve been eating enough food to keep my tummy filled and stuff, but I’m still mostly sticking to a liquid diet. But liquids don’t satisfy my appetite the same way that a full, solid meal does. You know?

I’ve been slowly adding some simple solid foods the past few days and tonight I made a simple wrap with lettuce, cheese, peppers, and mayonnaise for me to eat, though it probably wasn’t the best idea. I want a nice, warm pasta dish… or grilled veggie panini… oh! Or a carrot cake! Maybe homemade turkey burgers, too! So many possibilities and ideas!

Sweet dreams, everyone. 😊



Slow Progress

I just finished writing a long-ish post, but WordPress was stupid and didn’t back it up to the local cache, to the database, or anywhere else. LAMESAUCE!! However, let’s forgive and move on because this has to be done. I must write a new post every single day. Sleep is for the weak! But I am weak, so…😐

*exhales bigly*

It’s frustrating for me to still be here, working to rebuild my strength just to get out of bed every day. It feels like that’s been my sole task for the past three years. It’s like my life is on this little loop. Regain health, get hit with a Crohn’s flare, rebuild health, etc. I want to move forward to something new! Something that allows me the energy and freedom to be creative and get out of my safe space. I don’t want to spend my limited amount of energy on this repeating pattern. I have big ideas and no energy to realise them. I feel stuck!

I have been moving forward, though. I am making progress. It’s really slow at times and filled with difficulties (and pain), but it’s progress nonetheless. For example, I’m now in Vancouver, I have a GI specialist, and we’re working to adjust my meds. Actually, moving and getting a gastroenterologist is a big goal that I can now mark as complete! YAY!! 😁 And my flare is improving now, which means I am regaining energy to pursue more activities and feel normal.

So yes, I’m making progress! I’m happy about that. Now it’s time to continue moving forward, to keep sight of my goals and take everything one day at a time. I’ll get where I’m going eventually, even if I have to take time out to focus on my Crohn’s first.

My original post was better than what I just wrote. Oh well! It’s now time for bed.

Go, me, go! 🙃


Dogs vs. Cats

(Warning: I did not read this after writing it. I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning.)

A quick question. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I, myself, prefer dogs to cats, but that’s mainly because I’m allergic to cats, a fact that frustrates me and, for many years, I’ve had to re-learn because I kept forgetting. But saying that I’m a dog person doesn’t mean that I don’t like cats. The whole pitting dogs against cats is a weird concept to begin with. What if I didn’t prefer either of those animals in my home and instead I called myself a “turtle person”? Again, that doesn’t mean that I dislike dogs or cats, I just have chosen to adopt a turtle to live in my house. Or maybe I am a turtle-less turtle person that just likes turtles.

When my sister was between 6 and 12, she always made a big deal of her desire to adopt a cat. We had two dogs, and our dad was severely allergic to cats, so we never did adopt a cat.

For some weird reason, this phenomenon (do do dododo) of pitting two things against each other has been on my mind a lot recently. Well, it was more on (heh) my mind a week and a bit ago, but I didn’t have the energy to write about it without burning out my brain.

Another pairing that is often put out there is the classic Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I mean, if a person prefers one over the other, they aren’t disapproving of the other option. They’re just answering a question that someone asked them. Well, unless they actually are trying to say that one is better by picking it. But I’ve found that often times when someone picks one thing out of pairing, they can be met with very strong reactions.

Like, if a computer user states that they prefer Windows, most Mac users would roll their eyes and defend Apple’s operating system. Why does that happen? Why was that question even asked in the first place? It reminds me of a moment from Corner Gas:


There’s probably some research into this phenomenon (do do dododo), and I want to look into it further, but it seems that it’s just in human nature to pit one thing against another in some form or another. And that’s fine. It leads to sports, meaningful discussions, and whatever else. (I’m losing my train of thought here.)

Anyway, there you are. A weird, late night thought direct from my brain.

By the way, I like both Star Wars and Star Trek. They are both amazing shows, but they have different strengths and styles. One is not superior to the other. Wait! I remembered my other thought.

Everyone has their own interests and preferences, and that doesn’t take away anyone else’s right or ability to like something else. Regardless of whether something is objectively “good” or “bad”, the diversity of everyone having unique preferences is amazing and something to be celebrated. Trek or Wars, there’s no “right answer” to that question. And maybe someone’s answer would be Doctor Who or Firefly!

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. 🖖

That’s all, folks. Sleep well!



Tough day, friends. So only a short filler piece tonight.

I was feeling a mix of strong emotions today, both happy, sad, and even homesick to an extent. Feeling sad isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it shouldn’t be ignored and pushed away. So I embraced it when I felt it. In fact, I turned on one of my all-time favourite shows, Please Like Me, and chose to watch three of the most emotionally charged episodes. This show is touching and beautiful and packs so many dynamic moments into every scene. But the episodes I picked were particularly moving and significant, and the most effective to start me crying.

Makes total sense, I know.

Tomorrow’s a new day. Some things will be same old, same old, and some things will be new. The adventure is to carry on and see what will happen.

My current theme song is Anything by Hedley. Please note that while it’s an awesome song, some people may not like the fact that they use an expletive in the chorus. But since it’s my current mantra and I told you about picking a mantra, I’m putting it here for you to enjoy and to remind myself that I can do anything.

Also of note, I’ve discovered that I have a bit of a crush on the 🙃 emoji.

Sweet dreams, my peeps.