Listening to…

I’ve been listening to the third Hunger Games book, Mockingjay since I left Keremeos. I have never read this book because I saw the movies before I got to the book. After I’m done listening to this book, I want to rewatch all of the movies in a marathon!


Right now I’m wearing PJs. But all this week I’ve been wearing my various Paddlefest t-shirts!

Looking forward to…

This coming Tuesday! I’m not gonna say why, but it’s gonna be awesome. I’m so excited!



What’s up…

Hey, how you doin’?

So I’m in Vancouver now, which you probably already knew. But still. Right now I’m working on Paddlefest stuff, updating the website, finalizing registration, writing promo material, and whatever else needs doing. It’s a little weird because I’m usually in Fort Smith working with everyone on Paddlefest stuff. This year I’m far away and only doing the website stuff. I’m not involved with planning and organising the entire event.

It’s a lot of work, and I inadvertently added to the workload by breaking and locking myself out of the production website on Saturday. But we got it fixed on Tuesday and I’ve restored most of the backups already. Just have to reconfigure a few more things, like the all important contact form.

Other than that, I accidentally hooked my mom on Pretty Little Liars, which is hilarious. I’ve been watching it for the past two months, so while she was out I was watching an episode from season 3. She came home and watched the end of an episode I was finishing. Fast forward to 3:00 am a few nights ago; we had watched through several episodes and we didn’t want to stop.

The next day, Mom had started watching the whole series from the beginning so she could get the whole story. She’s already started season two!

We made a bunch of KD tonight. I haven’t had it in a while, so that was kinda cool.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to convince some of my friends to move to Google Allo instead of using Facebook Messenger. I still like Messenger, but it has problems that Facebook seems determined to ignore. It is such a good app and I’m not gonna ditch it, but it’s also a slow app and glitchy. Plus Facebook keeps changing it and adding features without much reason. It’s frustrating. Allo has really cleaned up in the past couple of months, and it is so much quicker in comparison. Though, I do wish Allo used the same emoji that Messenger does.

I should note that I’m an Android user. I’ve heard that the iOS version of Messenger is a little less glitchy. But still.


I should write these things during the daytime.

For the past several weeks, I have written a new blog post every single day. But the time I’ve spent writing those posts has been very minimal. Should that change? Maybe.

To find out, let’s journey back a couple of weeks. I started posting daily with the main goals of forcing myself to think creatively and to exercise my writing skills. For the most part, I’d say I’ve been meeting my goals thus far. However, I do want to put in a little more effort. Adderall,

Note to self: Finish writing this post later.


You’re amazing!

You are a beautiful person. Don’t believe that? Well, I do. And if you can’t believe it, then try to believe that I believe it.

Are you not feeling loved? Put some love out there. Share some hugs with your family and friends!

If you love someone, tell them. Get excited about it! Believe it!

You’re fabulous! ❤


I broke it…

I was working on the Paddlefest website today, and I made a mistake.

The website runs on WordPress, as most of my websites do. I had written a plugin that adds some simple functionality, and I had added it to the Paddlefest website as well. But I needed to make a small change, which I made without first testing the new code. Stupid move, Matthew.

So now I’m completely locked out of the website because of a fatal error. Usually, I can simply fix it by accessing the server filesystem to upload the corrected files. But in this case, I cannot access the server directly, which is a first for me. It’s frustrating. Especially because I could’ve avoided this whole thing by testing it first.

Oh well.