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  • The OG

    You just have to watch… 🙈

  • Take a closer look at that snout!

    You’re welcome. M3

  • Dancing babies.

    Dancing babies.

    This video appeared as an ad before a video I watched the other day. April 3, 2019 Update:The original video that I shared has been taken down, so I’ve replaced it with a video of equal beauty. It’s amazing. Simply amazing. Everyone needs to see this video, which is why I’m sharing it here! You’re…

  • O Canada

    O Canada

    This is really funny!! Happy Birthday, Canada! I love you so much. You’re weird, you’re silly, you’re scary, you’re beautiful, you’re varied, you’re expansive, you’re diverse… and you are my home. Now how aboot we hop onto a moose, head off to the igloo, and fulfill some stereotypes, eh? It’s so cold out here! Let’s…