**insert post title here**

When I can’t decide on a topic to write about, I’ll usually start writing whatever is on the forefront of my mind. The problem is that there are usually a multitude of topics being thunk through in my brain… so I’ll end up with a weird combo of subjects that don’t necessarily mesh very well.

Regardless, I’m going to write something. Get ready.

I smell (lol) something that is… vinegar-ish maybe? Almost like fermenting, though. Like apple cider vinegar, but alcoholic. I think? I don’t know what’s causing it, which is kinda annoying but there ya go.

In unrelated news, I have a pile of dishes with little bits of food that are rotting in little pools of water and stuffs.

Wait. You don’t think that… Mr. Roger’s wasn’t abducted by the Area 51 peeps, right? I mean, we don’t have proof that he wasn’t. Right? But why would they even want Mr. Rogers? Does he know something that we don’t know?

WOAH! I just remembered what I actually wanted to write about! 🙌 But I also forgot again as I was looking for that emoji which wasn’t really necessary. Aw, darn.

I’ll remember again later and probably write it out properly. We’ll see.

Bleep blip bloop.

Bloop bippity boop blig brat bop bip. Bip boop bloopy bip bit bot.

Bloopy? Blop bog boogy bot pollywog blin bit, blin boopery, blin piggy, blin pargy blit bot, bog bippy bot blot big! Bippy boo bin bin blog bit. Biz bit. Boo biz bit blin blin, blin bog boggy bog bit.

Bind big bop bot boogy blip blop. Bonk boofy bit bot bloop! Bot bloop! Boop brat bip.

Bing bippy bon bawking.


The Kobayashi Maru.

Writing a blog post every day is difficult. But I can do it!

I mean, I really don’t know what to write about right now so I’ll just start writing. An idea will eventually come to me. Right? Maybe not. I’m going to give a go either way.

Here I go!! Writing… stuff. Just waiting for inspiration to hit me. Not that I want to be hit literally—just figuratively.

Note to self: I don’t think that I used that em dash correctly, but you’ll just have to deal with it.

*le gasp* Inspiration!!



Actually, yes. Inspiration.


You know what would be fun? Taking the Kobayashi Maru test! They should make it an actual thing. Or I could totally program Artemis with a Kobayashi Maru-like scenario. Yasss… Or maybe someone has already done that?

*opens new tab*


*writes action stars of me googling*

I found this, this (which leads to this), this, and this. I’ll have to figure it out later.

OH!!! Duh dur! I should find a group with which to play Artemis!! This is so stupidly obvious, Matthew. *shakes head* Come on.

Why am I talking about the Kobayashi Maru? Because I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, I then looked at the Wikipedia page for the Pirates series of movies. I noticed the gross box office… money income thingy… that thing. Anyway, I was suddenly curious about the numbers of the Star Trek movie series, so I looked that up too. In reading that article, I saw that Winona Ryder played Spock’s mother in the 2009 film. Because of that, I wanted to see one of her scenes and loaded up the movie. A few scenes after the appearance of Amanda Grayson (Spock’s mother), we get to see Kirk winning the Kobayashi Maru—a no-win scenario to train/test Starfleet officers for command. Of course, Kirk won only because he hacked the simulator.

And now I’m explaining everything. Fab, eh?

I will now bid you a goodnight, my friends!


Mad Libs!

Okie dokie… here are two mad libs I completed for the fun of it.

Love Letter

The Words

Person in room: Cassandra
Adjective: wise
Verb: jump
Body part: foot
Number: 23
Noun: box
Adverb: temporarily
Verb: woo
Plural pronoun: sporks
Other person in room: Derrick

The Letter

Dear Cassandra,

You are extremely wise and I jump you! I want to kiss your foot 23 times. You make my box burn with desire. When I first saw you, I temporarily stared at you and fell in love. Will you woo out with me? Don’t let your parents discourage you, sporks are just jealous.

Yours forever, Derrick

Sick Note

The Words

Silly word: spizzerinctum
Last name: James
Illness: small pox
Plural noun: socks
Adjective: involved
Adjective: demonic
Silly word: bumfuzzle
Place: the bathroom
Number: 23
Adjective: teeny

The Note

Dear School Nurse,

Spizzerinctum James will not be attending school today. He/she has come down with a case of small pox and has horrible socks and an involved fever. We have made an appointment with the demonic Dr. Bumfuzzle, who studied for many years in the bathroom and has 23 degrees in pediatrics. He will send you all the information you need. Thank you!

Mrs. Teeny

Haha… fun times. That’s it for me tonight. Ciao!



The following is a test of the blog alert system. Please respond by panicking in the comment section below.



A warning has been issued on the blog alert system!

Chaos and anarchy have descended upon us!


In case it isn’t clear, you should now panic.


Wanted. (Something that popped into my head.)


James felt like he had just been hit by a car. His ears were ringing. The world around him appeared dark and blurry.

As he tried to pick himself up from the pavement, one thing kept rolling around in his head:

Run. Keep running.

But James could barely determine which way was up let alone why he would need to run.

Panic was taking over. His feet stumbled as they tried to propel his body forward.

Run. You have to run! Don’t stop!

Hands reaching out. Darkness enveloping.

Run, you idiot! Keep moving! Run!

Panic. Confusion. A flash of blinding light. Blood dripping.

You must run!

Movement caught James’ attention. A banana figure rushed towards him.

A banana?

James’ confusion grew.

I’ve got to get away from the banana person.

{To be continued…}


Welcome! Let me show you around.

Welcome to my house! Well, it’s not my house, but you know what I mean. 😉

Oh, where are my manners? Come in, come in! Don’t stand on the front porch, though I can understand why you’d want to since it’s so cute and cosy looking. We can grab some tea and sit out here, but let me show you around first.

Don’t worry about taking off your shoes, though if you’d rather take them off, go right ahead. Just put them behind the door there. Yes, exactly.

Let’s start upstairs. I know, I know…it’s not great feng shui the way the stairs point straight out the front door, but it makes for an easy path to get to bed, am I right? Haha! 😅

By the way, how was the drive? I hope you didn’t get stuck getting onto the bridge for too long. You came across the bridge, right? No? Oh, that’s right. You weren’t up North, DUH! That’s so silly of me- so here’s the upstairs with two bedrooms, one over there and the other just here. And here’s the washroom. Oh, man! Do you need to use the washroom? You were just driving all day. No? Okay, good.

How about we go back downstairs and you can meat the guinea pigs while I make that tea.

Ha! I used the wrong form of “meet”! 😂 No, we’re not gonna “meat the guinea pigs”, my sister would meat me if I let that happen. Gosh, no! We’re going to meet the guinea pigs.

Yeah, they’re right over there. Aren’t they adorable? Just the cutest things that you’ve ever seen! Besides me of course. 😋

What kind of tea would you prefer? I’ve got a lovely silver needle tea that’s quite soothing, or maybe something more like a ginger tea? Oh! Perhaps you’d like tea, earl gray, hot? No? Okay, let’s go with the silver needle one, then, eh?


This is a title

This is the text of a post I have written.

Does that makes this post self aware? And if so, does that make it sentient?

It’s kind of a weird thought. I imagine this post coming alive and being some kind of mutant being that roams the Earth looking for love but being incapable because it’s a blog post. Obviously it can’t love, you silly person.

Note to self: Don’t call your reader silly.

Anyway. You get the point. I wrote a nonsensical blog post tonight. Yay!