Weekly, not daily!

I’m gonna start blogging again. However, instead of writing a new post every single day, I’ll be posting once a week. Unless I feel like there’s more to say, but my weekly minimum post count shall be one.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been clicking through my blog and rediscovering some aspects of my recent history that have helped me to gain a greater sense of place and progress. Some of the posts have also reminded me for what I used to hope and strive. It’s a good exercise, and exactly the point of my *formerly* daily blog.

I hope that by resuming my blog, I’ll exercise my creative mind and aspire to put fingers to plastic in my never ending pursuit of doing stuff. Also, I hope to be more accountable to myself and continue documenting what I’m thinking for future Matthew to reflect upon.

Until next post! 😸

Let’s just pretend everything is okie dokie…

My blog is still having problems, but they aren’t as persistent these days.

That’s good! 🙌

I’ve been feeling quite crumby lately because of my silly Crohn’s. Oh well! In the “most-exciting-thing-that’s-happening-right-now” department, my sister, Steven, and I are hosting a murder mystery dinner party in a few weeks. We have big ideas and few plans at this point, but we’re determined to do an amazing job! We’ll see how it goes.


IT’S BACK!!!(?)

Goodness gravious!! I think my blog is working properly again!! 😄🎉

So…….. I know, I know…… I didn’t publish a new blog post EVERY DAY for an entire year.


I was writing blog posts as drafts for some of the time that my blog was broken. Not all of that time, but I kinda count that.


We’re here now, and that’s that. It it what it it, as I say.


I dunno… Life is fairly busy again for me, but I would like to get back to blogging. I will get back to it. I posted this little thing, right? Maybe I’ll just keep it up.


I have some work to complete and brothers to play with! I’d better get to it. 🙌



Edit: The reason for the question mark in the title is partially because I don’t know if my blog will stay fixed. Hopefully it does!! We’ll see.

Blog issues…

My blog is having issues right now. I think there’s something wrong with the server configuration or something because whenever I supposedly fix it, the issues crop up again a few days later.

I’m not feeling well enough to go through the rigors of reinstalling my site software and stuffs, so I’ll keep writing blog posts as drafts on my phone until I am feeling up to it. OR it miraculously fixes itself, which isn’t likely at all.

Keep on keeping on, my friends!! ^_^

One hundred posts!

It’s weird to look back on the past one hundred days, but that’s what I’ve found myself doing over the past week. Why have I been doing that? Well, as the title suggests, today marks the one hundredth post in my daily blogging project. It’s crazy that amount of time has passed already! So much has changed over that time.

I’ve been thinking of what to write in this post for the past week and I still don’t know what to do. How about we do a quick evaluation of my progress? Kinda like a report card or something.

Note to self: Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Have I met my goal?

I started this project for several reasons, and one of them was to capture my day-to-day adventures so I can have a written record of what I’ve been up to. While I have posted something every day, I haven’t been too insightful or detailed. But I think that I have done a fairly good job of being creative. That was one of the points that I outlined back in May. I wanted this to be a creative outlet as well as a journal, and while there’s always room for improvement, I think that has been accomplished.

Writing every day has been such a weird exercise, but it’s a fun challenge! So yes, I have met the goal thus far.

I forgot something.

When I reread my first post from May 15, I was reminded that I had created a list of prompts for the days on which I don’t have something to write about. In fact, I haven’t utilized any of the tools that I set up to help on my bad days. Oh well! There’s been a new post every day regardless of that, which is a win! Moving forward, I’ll keep these tools in mind.

Anything else?

I’ve been wanting to write a daily blog for a few years now, but I hadn’t done it until this year. Why? I’m not sure. Probably because I didn’t think that I was “ready” or something. Yanno? So for me, the larger lesson here is if I want to do something, I should… just do it! It’s led to this semi-big accomplishment. It’s something that I sometimes struggle with, especially when I’m lacking energy and creative inspiration. Sometimes it’s good to focus on being sick or preparing or whatever, but eventually action needs to happen. I’ve also learned a lot of other little things, but that’s my main takeaway for today.


Let’s wrap this up. I need to get to bed soon! 😴 I hope that you’ve enjoyed my blog so far or gotten something out of it. I haven’t shared it with many people, but for those of you who have kept up reading what I write… thank you! I really appreciate the support and all of the comments that have been left. It’s really been a fun project for me, and I hope that it continues!

Here’s to the next one hundred days of blogging! 😄

Sweet dreams, my friends.


Daily Blogging Project

I want to blog more regularly.

It’s actually one of my goals for 2017. So, I’ve decided that I’m going to write a blog post every day!

I’ve followed a few daily blogs in the past, which has given me an idea of what it’s like. Sure, I’ve never actually written a blog post every day, but I’ve seen what other people can do with it. That counts for something, eh?

Luckily for me, some daily blog writers have shared tips for running a daily blog operation. The tip that stood out to me is giving up on the idea of “perfectionism”. (Kelli Taylor wrote about this earlier in the year.) I know that sometimes the pursuit of “perfectionism”, or even my idea of “good enough”, can leave me paralyzed. This usually applies to personal projects in which I have high expectations of myself, and this blog could easily turn into one of those things. It already has, which is why new posts are so scarce.

Note to self: Practice what you preach! Do your best, and that’s good enough!

The Goal

Okay, so let’s jump in and outline this project! 😀

Why am I doing this?

Oh man, you ask good questions, bro.

Writing regularly is something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s something that I already do. The difference here is that what I write will be posted on the internet for anyone to read. That’s slightly different from journaling in a book that’s pretty much for my eyes only!

I also want to give myself more opportunities to practice my writing skills and style. I think that I am a decent writer, but writing every day should be beneficial. Essentially, I’m putting “practice makes perfect” into action!

What will I do?

Post something new on this blog every single day for a year. The post can be about anything I’d like, but with a focus on writing and improving my style. Besides that, creativity is my goal! But I’m not going to hold myself to too high of a standard because I know there will be busy days, sick days, and other obstacles.

Note to self: Have fun with the blog! Ultimately, you don’t want this project to become a drag.

What will I write about?

I’ll post about whatever I want to! Anything and everything is on the metaphorical table! I have ideas in mind for the next week or so, but I know there will be days on which inspiration will be lacking. So, I have come up with two tools that I will use in those cases.

  1. Writing Prompts – I have a list of creative writing prompts to which I can refer when I’m stuck for ideas. Most of them are very simple, but the point is to have a springboard for when I’m unable to write.
  2. Daily Categories – Basically I’ll have a writing subject for each day of the week. I don’t want to do this right away, but I will probably start using this system in a month or two.

Are there stakes?

Yeah, there totally are!!

After extensive thought and brainstorming with a friend, I’ve decided on a penalty for missing posts. For each day I miss posting, I will avoid television for a full day. And by television, I mean all forms of visual entertainment, including Netflix, YouTube, satellite/cable, social media video, etc.

Are we done?

Yup! That’s it for now. My daily blogging project has now officially begun! YAY!