My first sunburn of the year!


Matthew’s brain

I’m on a boat! To be precise, Steven and I are sitting on the ferry heading back home to Vancouver after a long, fun-filled day. Oh my goodness it’s been crazy!

Why are we on the ferry?

I haven’t been out of the city in so long. That’s mostly because I don’t have access to a (functioning) vehicle right now to get out easily. I could totally take the bus to a few amazing places with hiking, rivers, and whatnot, but it takes a little more planning and usually a lot more time to actually get to your destination.

I guess that the main reason I haven’t gotten out is because of habit. It’s a lot less appealing to go out in the winter when it’s cold and wet. But you get used to it and have to get back into the adventurer mindset. Sure you have to put in a little effort, but it pays off when you get to be out in nature enjoying activities and whatnot.

Anyway, so I realized that we should get out and do something different this weekend. We should go somewhere outside of the city! But where? There’s so many beautiful and exciting places nearby, it’s hard to choose. 🤔

Grouse Mountain is a favourite of mine! And Steven hasn’t been there yet, so I could play the tour guide and show it off to him. I didn’t have the energy to conquer the Grouse Grind last summer, but we could totally do it this weekend!

Or maybe we could go out to Lynn Canyon Park to splash around in the stream to keep cool from this sudden warm weather that hit us. There’s a great suspension bridge there to cross over and access the trail system. I went with Sarah a couple of Septembers ago and we had a lovely time down there. Took lots of pictures and saw some fluffy doggos. ‘Twould be fun to go again!

Ultimately I decided that we should go to surprise my sister with a visit over on the Sunshine Coast! I hadn’t seen her in a long time so it was about time anyway. Plus I wanted to go last week before I started feeling bleh. It totally worked out! 🙌

Off we go!

So off we went to the ferry terminal this morning. Our first challenge? Our own timing. 😜 We both had a hard time with sleep last night (must’ve been the excitement!) so we decided to take the second ferry so we could rest a little longer. When we were finally on our way, our trip got derailed by a medical emergency at the station where we had to transfer to another SkyTrain. A little disappointing since we didn’t have any time to spare, but it was beyond our control and totally understandable. Hopefully the person who needed medical care was alright.

Now we were going to miss the express bus to the ferry terminal which meant that we were gonna be on the 2:00 ferry. Oh well! We jumped on another bus to find someplace to spend the next few hours and maybe grab some iced drinks to cool down.

It was at this point that I should’ve thought to purchase sunscreen, but in my head I had already planned to do that once we were on the Sunshine Coast. It was a minor detail at this point though.

Finally on the ferry!

After hiking around Horseshoe Bay for a bit, we boarded our ferry and were on our way! We took some pictures, enjoyed some snacks, and before we knew it we were back on land. Hooray! We made it! 🙌

After a short bus ride, we popped in to a library for a bit while we figured out where we wanted to explore next and to hide from the sun. I still needed to get sunscreen before I ended up more red than Mars! So that was the priority. I kept dashing between the shady areas as we explored the little shops by the waterfront, keeping an eye out for sunscreen but getting distracted by cute touristy things and potential ice cream.

Eventually we had to make our way up an incredibly steep and long hill to get to the bus that would take us to Rebeckah’s place. With the sun beating down on us and very little shade to protect us, the sun made the journey quite gruelling. And I could feel my skin starting to burn, though Steven didn’t see any evidence of burning yet. But I knew that it was happening. We had to get to the top of the hill and get sunscreen ASAP!

Eventually, after a painfully slow walk, we had made it to the top and proceeded to London Drugs to get the much needed sunscreen. The only problem? It was too late. When we got to Rebeckah’s house she immediately noticed that the back of my neck had turned really red. So very red. Much sunburn. OUCH!!

C’est la vie!

So there we go… my first sunburn of the year! I don’t think that I’ve had a sunburn for the past two years, so this is my first one in a long time. That’s actually a pretty good record! Especially when you take into account my ginger susceptibility to sunburns and stuffs. 😁

I hope that I don’t get any more this year because they can get painful and then I really have to avoid the sun. This one wasn’t too bad, and with a little aloe lotion it will probably heal pretty quickly too. The only upside to getting sunburned is that it’s proof that I’ve been doing awesome stuff outside. Like a badge of honour! I’ll wear it proudly.

Geeky food place in Spokane.

Just at a pub called Garageland for dinner right now. It’s super cool! It’s got a geeky Doctor Who theme going on. The front door is painted like the doors of the TARDIS and there’s an Ood standing in front of a screen that plays Doctor Who.

The menu is fantastic. I just got a veggie version of their Spo-Cali Burger which has a fried egg, sliced avocado, smoked tomato jam, and garlic aioli. SOOOO GOOD.

I’ve been struggling with food over the past few weeks, so anytime food excites me, it’s a good thing.

It’s been a day.


Doctor Bear

I have a travelling companion that I bring with me pretty much wherever I go. It’s a stuffed animal name Doctor Bear! And yes, that name is inspired by Doctor Who.

The origin story

During a big road trip I took in the fall of 2015, I stayed with my mum and sister in Vancouver. I’d also brought along a good friend of mine (Angie). We didn’t have anything planned for that week, but my sister (Rebeckah) announced that she wanted to build a new bear at a Build a Bear Workshop. So of course we drove out to the mall to find the only BABW in the area. After looking through all of the potential teddys, my sister chose a bear with soft, white fur.

Rebeckah didn’t have a bear in mind when we got there, she only knew that she wanted the experience of building a bear. The three of us were looking through all of the bins and joking about which one she should get. Eventually, she chose a simple white bear with short, soft fur. Both Angie and I approved of her choice, so it was on to the next step in the process; stuffing the bear!

If you’ve never been to BABW before, you actually get to stuff the bear yourself. Well, sort of. You get to step on a pedal that turns on a machine that blows stuffing into the bear. A BABW worker holds the bear and directs the stuffing into each part of the bear. The worker asked Rebeckah to test hug the bear to make sure it was stuffed her liking. After Rebeckah approved, she decided to put a scent cartridge in the head of the bear. She had chosen a lovely banana smell. It was great!

Next came the heart ceremony. This is where everything changed. The heart ceremony is where you are given a stuffed heart and are told to rub in on different parts of your body, then fill it with love and a wish. Of course, Rebeckah and I both wanted to do it, so we each took a heart as the BABW guided us through the fun little ritual. We then stuffed both of the hearts into the bear. Then Angie gasped.

She observed that this bear now had two hearts, not dissimilar to a Time Lord from Doctor Who. So naturally, she suggested that the bear be called Doctor Bear! And it stuck. We found a nice little suit for Doctor Bear to wear, and even nabbed a pair of glasses too. We joked about his back story and were generally really jazzed about the whole thing. It was a group effort!

I can’t remember exactly when, but later on, Rebeckah and I decided to clone Doctor Bear. This was because Rebeckah and I would be apart, but we both wanted to take Doctor Bear on adventures. So we made a near exact copy, complete with two hearts. The only difference was in the scent card. I got a strawberry one. That is the only difference between the two of them. Now we both take Doctor Bear on adventures and post pictures to Instagram using #DoctorBearAdventures!

There haven’t been many pics in the past several months, but Doctor Bear is joining me for this weekend trip I’m starting tomorrow. I’m sure at least a few pictures of Doctor Bear will make it onto Instagram. So keep an eye out for that!

There’s more to tell about Doctor Bear, but now you know the origin story.



Hah! You’ve done good with this blog, Matthew. Let’s keep it going!

This has been one crazy summer! …and spring, since the last time I posted here was in the winter. *shudders* So here’s just a quick overview of the shenanigans I’ve been up to! I’ll post more details in the coming weeks along with pictures.

We killed it!!

Trips to Vancouver

I joined my family for a handful of trips down to Vancouver over the spring. During one of those trips, we got to attend my cousin’s graduation weekend in Keremeos! We also successfully completed an exit room in Vancouver with all of our collective smarts!

Through the playground

Slave River Paddlefest

In the days leading up to Paddlefest, the weather forecast wasn’t looking all that great. But we ended up only having rain during Friday night, leaving the rest of the weekend with completely beautiful skies and warm temperatures! So many people from so many places coming to enjoy a fun, family-oriented weekend on the waters of the mighty Slave River. Oh man, running the registration booth is so great because I got to meet every single person there! So many fun memories!

BlimeyCon 2016 group picture


This is by far the best trip I’ve ever taken on my own! Over the past year, I’ve become quite close with a group of Blimey Cow fans via a Facebook group. We finally got to meet up in Nashville, TN!! All of us – in person!! I also got to meet two of my bestest internet friends, with whom I’ve been causing trouble over the past couple of years (usually through The Whit’s End Podcast). This is what I’ll be blogging about mostly.

And there you have it! Three of the big events that have happened since winter. What’s next? Well…I’m going to the Okanagan (Southern BC) for the winter! I’ll keep you posted.