Pirate milk. It’s a thing.

I mentioned here once before that when I was younger, I started calling chocolate milk “pirate milk”. It was mostly because I’m silly like that, but also partly because our family ran a day home at the time, and the kids liked the name. Pirate milk because chocolate is like gold, and Pirates like gold, eh? Hence the name.

To my recollection, I haven’t heard anyone else call it pirate milk outside of my house. But I think that should change. So I’m calling on you, dear reader of my blog, to help start a revolution. Let’s get this thing rolling! Bring on the #PirateMilk!

I should see if that hashtag had been used previously.

Note to self: Google “pirate milk”. It might already be a thing.

Edit: Okay, so it turns out “pirate milk” is the name of a mix drink made with rum. Typical. Ah, well. I’ll still call chocolate milk “pirate milk”. And you should too!!

Note to self: It’s dangerous to search for pictures of chocolate milk. Do so with extreme caution!


Geeky food place in Spokane.

Just at a pub called Garageland for dinner right now. It’s super cool! It’s got a geeky Doctor Who theme going on. The front door is painted like the doors of the TARDIS and there’s an Ood standing in front of a screen that plays Doctor Who.

The menu is fantastic. I just got a veggie version of their Spo-Cali Burger which has a fried egg, sliced avocado, smoked tomato jam, and garlic aioli. SOOOO GOOD.

I’ve been struggling with food over the past few weeks, so anytime food excites me, it’s a good thing.

It’s been a day.