Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Karaoke thoughts.

Social anxiety. I have to deal with it a lot. Especially this week, probably prompted by the depression. On top of that, I still don’t feel very comfortable here in Vancouver outside of my house (yet). I have a few places that I hang out, but still.

I’m watching a bunch of people singing karaoke right now. It’s fun! I want to join in, but I’m not feeling very adventurous so I’ll just watch and laugh. 🙃

I know I shouldn’t be searching for reasons to isolate myself and such…yada yada Yoda… But I don’t care. Actually, I do care, which is probably partly why I don’t wanna join. But it’s not the main reason. I’m just too anxious and depressed. Maybe also scared?

Wah, I’m really just overthinking. Stupid agoraphobia and general social anxiety.

Haha… There’s a Batman-shaped bucket here and someone said that it’s a “Christian Pail”. 😂

That’s a good place to sign off. Have a fun weekend, everyone!







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