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Editing the podcast.

Everyone already knows this, but I co-host a podcast with Ryan Matlock called The Aux Cable. We were ticking along releasing a new episode each week until the summer hit bringing with it illness and busy-ness for us both. So the show ended up slipping for a little more than two-ish months while we focused on life’s bumps.

Last week we released a brand new episode that explained our absence to our audience as well as promising new episodes coming on a weekly basis once again. That’s why I’ve been working to edit our next episode that we actually recorded back in June before I moved to Vancouver; seems like forever ago! It’s actually kinda weird to edit something from that time period because I don’t fully recall what we actually recorded, it’s all kinda new to me in a way. But that also presents a slight challenge as it slows the editing process slightly.

That brings me to my point… I’m trying to figure out just how much I should edit. Because Ryan and I are in separate locations when recording, there tends to be a very slight delay between the two of us speaking. It doesn’t sound like too much of a delay when we’re actually recording, but it kinda stands out during playback. So we edit out most of the silences and pauses to elicit a more natural sounding conversation. If we were recording together in-person, I’m sure that we wouldn’t end up editing the tracks quite so much, but that’s not the case.

I’ve tried editing the podcast less in the past, but I ended up getting caught up with removing silences and such. I’m hoping that I won’t do that again with this next episode because I want to see how it sounds and what people say about it if anything. It will also cut down on editing time in the future. But the obsessive artist in me wants to quibble about every last second of the podcast even though it’s a silly Q&A talk show. It’s a great show in my opinion, but very silly, which makes it fun.

I’m gonna set the editing aside until the morning. There’s much left to complete, but it’s better to do it during the day instead of staying up uber late as I tend to do with these kinds of projects.

See y’all tomorrow and don’t forget to subscribe! 🙃




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2 Responses to “Editing the podcast.”

  1. Sarah Iddings Avatar

    Dude, even if the podcast was entirely unedited, I’m sure it would be equally fun to listen to 🙂 But I totally get wanting to make it sound perfect. I feel that way too when I am editing stuff. Struggle of the artist…..eek.

    1. Matthew Avatar

      It’s the ad, Sair. It requires editing while the rest of the episode doesn’t (as much).

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