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Wait…it’s Wednesday already?!

I’m stating the obvious here, but this past weekend was a long weekend, Labour Day weekend to be precise. So Tuesday felt like Monday and today felt like Tuesday. I’m sure that many others are feeling this right now.

I’ve been listening to podcasts all day — primarily Anna Faris is Unqualified — and I heard an interesting discussion that gave me an idea for this blog post. Now that I sit in front of my computer to actually write, I can’t recall what that was at all. I’m just drawing a blank. I glanced up at the time and was legitimately shocked to see that it said Wednesday. Wednesday, it said!! September the sixth! Wednesday, September 6th!

What happened to the first five days of the month?! It was August last week, for goodness sake. Now The Orville is premiering this Sunday, my MRI is in two weeks or something, and Psych: The Movie is three months-ish away!

More than all of that, I need to edit some podcasts to release in the next couple of weeks on top of filling out a bunch of paperwork, continuing my job search, and hopefully getting into a regular exercise routine so I can get back into shape. Man, this summer has flown by. I feel like I missed it and really, I kinda did because of my flare. Not that I was doing absolutely nothing, but it feels that way because when I was focusing on repairing my body and being sick instead of creating new stuff, going out and doing new stuff, etc.

This blog has been helpful for me in many ways, and one of the most surprising ways is marking time. I glance through all of my posts once every week or so and it’s very helpful to remind myself of what was going on in my mind, what my hopes and “to do”s were at the time. I’m able to look back and see that, then measure my progress and the passage of time. It helps me to remember that things are moving forward and that I should too instead of letting things whiz passed me. I need to embrace now and not wait.

It’s easy to slip back into that world where I sort of retreat into myself almost. Because my Crohn’s has kept me in bed so much the past three years, that sick state gets kinda normalised and since I can’t do much, I eventually resign myself to that fact. Then it sticks and it’s my new normal. Add to that depression, anxiety, loneliness, and whatever else, and it’s hard to move forward a lot of the time.

Today I had cramps and stuff, but I was in a great mood. Overall it was a great day, and I’m feeling better tonight which is amazing and I’m very thankful. In the next couple of days, I’m gonna be doing stuff and moving forward! Scratch what I said on Monday, this is my new goal!!

Note to self: Still shoot for those other goals, just add this to the list or something because, honey, that stuff needs to get done. Know what I’m saying?

Alright, that does it for me. Nighty-o, friends!








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  1. Sarah Avatar

    SO TRUE. I forgot it was Wednesday and ended up being an hour late to get my car worked on as a result. Oops. I’m so happy you’re moving forward and plotting things and doing things more 🙂 Keep rockin’ it, friendie. Also reading your parenthetical statement at the end in a sassy accent was really fun.

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