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What’s on my mind?

What’s on my mind? Glad that you asked!

Well, I’m not really glad that you asked…I’m more, “eh. I can’t really think of anything else to talk about, so might as well share what’s going through my mind right now.” Although, come to think of it, you didn’t really ask me anything. I posed the question myself and attributed it to you, dear reader. Why would I do such a thing? So I could set the stage and hopefully pull you into my madness by giving you an active role to play.

It’s late and my arms feel like rubber. I had a headache earlier this evening so I took some medication.

Hey, I work at the coffee house tomorrow! I’m doing the closing shift with on of my favourite co-workers, which should be fairly fun.

Speaking about the coffee house, I’ve discovered that I can’t be a coffee person anymore. Turns out that caffeine negatively affects my Crohn’s. I knew that was a possibility as it’s on the list of possible bad foods, but I hadn’t really experimented with coffee/caffeine before I started working at the coffee house. So now that I do know, I’ll be minimizing my exposure to caffeine. Small amounts now and again shouldn’t be a problem, but I should still avoid it.

Yanno, the more I look at my list of “foods to avoid” and the list of “possible foods to avoid”, the more that I feel there is nothing that I can ingest without negative effects. It’s more like I have to choose what level of bad response I want from my gut on a scale of water to popcorn.

Speaking of rubber, my arms feel like it right now. Rubber that is. Wait… I already mentioned that. *eyeroll* That’s silly of me.

Anyway… I know that there’s decaf coffee available at most places, but that isn’t completely caffeine free. Either way, I think that I should still avoid coffee. I mean, what else can I do? Even chocolate has caffeine in it. If I want to keep eating chocolate, I need to cut out other sources of caffeine so the effects aren’t compounded so much from the chocolate. Yanno? #Logic #WinningAtCrohns

There was a new episode of The Orville tonight but I missed it on TV so I’ll have to stream it online later. The last episode was very fun and guest starred Charlize Theron! There are rumours that we’ll see actors from Star Trek: The Next Generation appear in future episodes this season, including Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner. Possibly even William Shatner! Wouldn’t that be fun?

Earlier tonight while I was making myself some rice, I cut my foot on a sharp corner somewhere. I didn’t even notice until I saw blood, then I thought, “huh… I guess my foot is hurting and I should take a closer look.” It’s not that bad, but I thank you for your prayers and comments of support.

Anyway, I should go to sleep while I continue to bleed into the bandage I applied to my foot wound. Hopefully I don’t lose so much blood that I die while unconscious in my bed. Haha! Could you imagine? That would be horrible.




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  1. poulet frit Avatar
    poulet frit

    “It’s not that bad, but I thank you for your prayers and comments of support.”

    I literally choked on my coffee because of that statement.

  2. Sarah Avatar

    Well, I am glad to have discovered you indeed did NOT die from bleeding out. Unless you called me from the grave. In which case I am very surprised at how far technology has come and am happy you chose to let me be one of your first few phone calls a dead guy.

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