Who am I?

I have a question. Who am I? Who are we?

There’s many ways that this could be taken, there’s the physical aspect to myself with my body being composed of cells and whatnot. We could also go into the whole “you are the sum of your experiences” thought train. What I’m interested in, though, is the matter of time and how that impacts who we are—who I am.

I can say with 99% confidence that at this very moment I am me. Ten years ago I was also me. In another thirty minutes I will still be me. However, ten years ago I was different from the me now, and we know that I will be a different me in thirty minutes too, right? Right. (Right? I’m confused now.)

You might be thinking, “hey, sounds like you’re having an existential quarter-life crisis, Matthew,” and yeah… perhaps that’s exactly what is happening. But I’ve thought about this issue in various ways over the years; it’s one of those thoughts that repeatedly pops into my brain. It’s also a central point of exploration in several episodes of Star Trek.

Seriously though, I’m just wondering for the sake of wondering. People change. But their past is still part of them, yet it isn’t. Yanno? I dunno. I was going somewhere with this and then I walked away from the computer and now I have no clue where my mind was taking this post.

Note to self: Have you ever thought what human tastes like? Well you should know, your tongue is only constantly tasting yourself.

Yay for my spasmodic brain!


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    1. I once read somewhere that a serial killer had made chili out of his victims. He won a chili contest I’m pretty sure…maybe even owned a restaurant.

          1. I have decided (to follow Jesus, no turning back). It is most certainly appalling.

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