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Another chapter, a new adventure…


What did I do this weekend? Thanks for asking! It’s not really something that I can discuss at length, but… I can make an exception for you. 😜

My friend Sarah came up from the states to explore the area with me. We wanted to have one last weekend of camping and hiking before the summer ends, which is kind of a freaky thought, right? How’s it already the month of September?! Anyway, we made these plans for the weekend.

It all started Friday evening. We met for dinner at the mall then spent the evening chatting with my aunt, uncle, and cousin who came to town for the PNE. We went through our list of “things to do” then went to bed.

We got a yummy start to our Saturday with maple syrup pancakes and eggs, then we drove down to MEC to grab a few pieces of gear for camping. I also finally got to exchange my faulty flashlight for a new one that works properly!

Sarah wanted to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge, which is always busy. With it being Labour Day Weekend, I suggested that we avoid the crowds there and go to another suspension bridge that is free and a little less crowded at the Lynn Canyon Park. We crossed the bridge, hiked around the park, and ended up at a swimming hole. People were jumping off of the cliff into the cold mountain water and we weren’t.

Later we drove down to West Vancouver to see the lighthouse before the sunset and then hung out on the rocks as the lights in the harbour came on. After that, we tried to go camping, but it didn’t work out so we went back home for the night.

Sunday we drove the Sea to Sky Highway and tried to stop at a couple of beaches along the way, but they were all very busy. So we ended up in Squamish, which was on the list, but wasn’t our destination at the time. Of course we decided to hike around the area and look for camping spots for that evening. We found out that the Chief’s Hike also had camping spots on top of some awesome trails and rock climbing. Now, we didn’t climb rocks/mountains with harnesses and stuff, but after setting up camp, we tried to get to the top of an outcrop of rocks to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, the sun set faster than we could navigate through the woods.

In the morning, we hiked up that same trail to catch the sunrise instead. This time, we made it successfully and laid on the rocks for a while before we drove back to Vancouver. We didn’t have too much time left, so we took the tram up to the top of Grouse Mountain and explored that. And before Sarah left, we went down to find a treehouse in the woods and took pictures underneath the bridge.

I have a headache, so I’m gonna go now. Have a great night!








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  1. Sarah Avatar

    *smiles* yay, memories! 🙂 I’ve been slightly obsessed with all the photos I took up there. I wanna go back and see more BC ASAP. So happy you’ve been feeling well enough for some adventures 🙂

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