Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Installment number two.

A firm hand closed around James’ left arm and yanked it backwards. James once again lost his footing.

He caught me! No, I must keep running!

James was frozen as panic took over every one of his senses. The banana has now caught him and there was nothing he could do.

“James, come on. This way!”

The banana hissed at him.

“Get up! We can’t get caught out here, let’s go!”

The voice was harsh but not too loud.

The banana must be running too, but from what?

James was pulled down the street by the banana figure. His feet struggled to keep up with the brisk pace so the banana carried most of his weight.

Where were they going? Was the banana kidnapping him? Why is there a walking banana to begin with?

James’ vision began to refocus. He could identify the shapes around him. There was some trash on the pavement and huge brick walls around him. They seemed to be stumbling down an alley shrouded in darkness, a huge black object sitting not too far away. Was it a car? He’d find out soon enough, they were heading straight for it.

“You have the keys, James?”


“James! I need the car key if we’re going to get out of here. Where is it?”

More silence. James didn’t even realize the banana was addressing him.

The banana figure began searching James’ jacket pockets.

“We don’t have time.”

The banana said under his breath as his hand retrieved the key.

James was unceremoniously pushed onto the back seat.

Whatwas going on? The world was becoming blurry again. As the banana slammed on the gas pedal, James’ head whipped back and he was out.

{To be continued?}







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