Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

It’s finally begun.

A new iteration of Star Trek for television was announced back in the fall of 2015. Two years later we are watching the premiere of that series which is titled Star Trek: Discovery. The series is set ten years before the original series of Star Trek during the Klingon war with the Federation, an event in Trek history that was mentioned several times but not explored in any detail.

There are many aspects of this new show that sets it apart from the preceding six series, but chief among them is that the entire season is highly serialized and the central character is a first officer as opposed to a captain. That main character is portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green who previously worked on The Walking Dead.

Anyway… there’s a lot to love in the new series and overall I really like it so far. There’s some frustrating aspects, mostly to do with the Klingons, but it doesn’t really negatively affect the story or the overall canon of Trek.

I want to type a little bit more about this, but I have a headache. I’ll finish this tomorrow.








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