Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Up and Down

People often characterize the crazy things happening to or around them as a roller coaster and in so doing, imply that it’s really hard and full of ups and downs. But aren’t roller coasters supposed to be fun? Like, yeah they’re scary and if you’re afraid of heights they’re maybe not the best idea, but roller coasters are completely optional. If you didn’t want to subject yourself to that stuff, then you don’t have to.

What most people label as “roller coasters” in life aren’t an “opt in” deal. Usually, you’re just along for the ride whether you wanted it or not.

But that’s probably just me. I will still use the expression occasionally. This was just a weird thought that has occurred to me and I had nothing better to write about.

Note to self: Yes, Matthew, this did get posted late, but it still counts as on time.







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