Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

I didn’t go on a walk today…

I disappoint myself.

Tomorrow I will go outside. I’ll also start writing a series of blog posts about my Crohn’s and health issues.

Over the past several months, I’ve been considering documenting and sharing my health journey properly. Partly for my sake to help me on that journey, but also to highlight issues that exist within that arena. Mental health is such a huge nebulous cloud of confusion and misunderstanding. Crohn’s disease is not well known. By sharing my story, maybe it’ll do some good and not only shine a light on these and other subjects, but also get people interested in learning more.

A lot of the time, people don’t know how to react or treat something that’s unfamiliar or scary. By explaining what something is and sharing how to treat things like mental health issues, people begin to understand and will hopefully be more accepting and respectful. That’s what I want to do. Or at least attempt.







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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Sounds like a great project!

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