Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

I want a doggie!

Back home in Smith, our family has three dogs. We’ve had two of them for years, and I got to train them, play with them, sleep with them, and generally do a bunch of things with them over the years. Before those muppies, we had two other dogs. Basically, I’ve never known a time without dogs being involved in my life.

Maggie, Macy, and Moxie are family, and while I’m super excited to have my dad and all of my siblings here together (aside from one sibling that I really miss!) in Vancouver, I’m kinda bummed that I don’t get to hang with my muppies.

Maybe I should just take a moment to note that I call my doggies ‘muppies’. Why? Because they’re names all start with M and I started calling them ‘muppy dogs’ which eventually turned into ‘muppy duckies’ then eventually just ‘muppies’. Makes sense, right?!

Because I’m sick a lot of the time, it’d be nice to have a dog to chill with in bed, yanno? I’m used to having that. It’s also nice to have a good reason to go out for walks. You have a little dog that’s depending on you, and that’s more motivational when I’m not feeling well. Which is so freaking often!

I’m also missing having a piano around the house, though I do have my accordion and my uke with which to play around. *sigh* But those aren’t the same as a stringed piano. Too bad there isn’t a piano store nearby!

Hang loose, my peeps! 😋







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