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Is this reality?

I kinda just want to repost yesterday’s writing. But I won’t!

Josh set up his new Vive VR system today and everyone in the famjam got to try it out. It was really, really cool! I tweeted out what Mom ended up doing.

Annnnd now I’m having trouble readjusting to reality after my second go. My depth perception is whacked out, things seem to have no mass, I feel like my phone is floating on its own, I keep thinking my hand will pass through solid matter, and other stuffs. Like, I’m questioning the very concept of reality, guys!

Doesn’t help that I was also reading science-y, psychology, perception-based,”big picture” questioning articles earlier today.

So now as I write these words, I’m kinda have this weird meta sensation of my not being here and this not actually happening. It’s like some kind of disassociative phenomenon (do do dododo) thing that I’m experiencing. It’s completely trippy!!

Plus I’ve had a headache all day (again), so that must not be helping.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you today’s exciting installment of the continual slipping of my mind as it deteriorates further out of reality.

OH! And my mother for her tattoo today! I suggested that she get a facial tat like Chakotay on Star Trek: Voyager, yanno? But she said that was crazy or something. Instead she got an anklet tattoo with a feather hanging from it and surrounded by six little birds (shaped like little Vs), each representing one of us kids. Sweet, right? 😄 I think it’s pretty cool. But it’s wrapped up, so I’ve only seen the picture she took at the tat shop after it was inked.

Okay. That is now everything. Well, not everything… but you know what I mean! 😋 Live long and prosper, my darling.







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  1. Sarah Iddings Avatar

    This post made me laugh 😀 lol I wish I could have been there for the VR night!

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