Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Things got worse.

It’s not that much worse, but still… I sliced open my pinky toe. That’s right! My toe was almost ripped off.

Okay, here’s what happened. I finally started feeling good today and because of that, I was gonna get started on doing more work that’s been piling up while I’ve been unwell even though the family was going out for some fun. I got some food juice, cleaned up, and was singing along with some tunes. I was feeling quite well, considering! Then, as I was walking around the house looking for some documents, I hit my pinky toe on the side of a metal drawer handle. Ouchy!

It took a moment for the pain to register, but when it did, and I then looked down, I saw that not only did I hit my toe, the top layer of skin was almost ripped off. And there was a good amount of blood.

It wasn’t pretty. The pain was quite unpleasant, to say the least. I grabbed a tissue and immediately wrapped up my new wound. Once the bleeding was somewhat under control, my next challenge became apparent. I had to find a first aid kit. Nope, scratch that. I had to get myself to a first aid kit with a damaged foot and nobody around to assist.

Luckily, my backpack, which contained an “ouch pouch”, was nearby. I put a simple band-aid on my pinky, then walked down to my car to retrieve my full first aid kit to properly care for my poor, poor pinky toe.

I don’t think it’s bad enough to require further intervention, but it’s still kinda painful at moments. *shrugs* What’s one more source of pain, amirite? 😛 Just have to be careful with it since my immune system is compromised. Fun times!

After all of that, my migraine came back, so I had to take a break and recover a bit before pushing forward with my work.

That’s me. But what about you—how’s your day been? I hope that you had someone or something make you laugh! Laughing is good. We all need to laugh more, especially at ourselves. 😉

Protect your toes, friends!







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  1. Awkward Potato Avatar
    Awkward Potato

    Ouch! I hope your toe heals quickly.

    1. Matthew Avatar

      Haha, “heals”… I get it! Thanks, Potato!

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