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I miss solid food!

You might have already noticed this on my past several posts, but I’m not doing too well these days. Because of that, I’ve put myself on a liquid diet. And in turn, the lack of solid foods as well as being sick, I’m left with very little energy.

Anyway, the main point tonight is that I miss food. Solid food. Good yummy veggies, pasta, fruit, things I can actually sink my teeth into instead of chilled juices and smoothies.

At least I’m still able to get done form of nutrition into my body. Even if my body doesn’t like having an food inside out right now.

That reminds me…

Note to self: Get a blood test in the next couple of days! It should help give you an indication of what’s going on.

Prepare for a weird late night, almost complete thought from Matthew:

Yanno, it might seem like I’m “looking on the bright side” when I say “at least this other thing isn’t going wrong!” When I use it, that’s partly the case, but it almost sounds like I’m trying to downplay the pain in which I am. You know? It doesn’t make it any easier or better to say, “hey, at least my arms are still attached” while I’m having a stroke. (I’m not having a stroke.) If I was feeling normal, that would be a weird thing to say. I’m just walking down the street and then blurt out, “what a beautiful day! At least the sun isn’t too bright!” Right?

Why is it that phrasing is used? Is it too make others feel better? Like, I’m talking about what pain I’m in, but I have to make sure that everyone else doesn’t get sad about that, so I should say, “at least…” to ease their conscience or let them know that I’m not completely depressed or something.

I don’t know. Just thinking. This probably makes no sense.

Bed time it is!







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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Hmm. Interesting observation. Maybe because as children we are taught not to complain…The thought is so deeply instilled in us that we have to tack extra little things into what we say because we don’t want to risk seeming whiny even when there is something completely legitimate to be unhappy about.

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