Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

I don’t wanna go to bed…

It’s time to take the old train down to sleepy town again. The magical time of day that we get to rest and regenerate our bodies. Such nice.

Except I’ve been doing a lot of extra sleeping recently, due to being unwell. I find it very frustrating! Here’s why.

I just started feeling decently okay!

All of the lovely rest I got during the night is completely undermined when I wake up with the same headache and painful stomach from the day before. In fact, I might as well have just stayed up all night because sleeping doesn’t seem to have done anything. I know that isn’t the case- sleeping helps no matter what. But I spent the whole day sleeping on and off and trying to feel better.

Eventually, that’s exactly what happened; I’m now feeling better! Not 100% fabulous, all sunshine and lollipops, but close enough. The pain is still there, though not quite as bad, and I feel up to doing things. So why would I want to go to bed now? This is all just gonna repeat tomorrow. Wake up, feel pain, can’t move let alone want to move, sleep on and off, feel badly because I can’t do much, try eating food, eventually go to the bathroom, take a shower, dance around, sing, then eventually feel good enough that I want to do things, but I can’t because it’s now bed time again.

*big sigh*

I haven’t done much today!

My biggest accomplishment of the day? I went to the park with Drayton and I went late-night grocery shopping just a bit ago with Dad. Oh, and I got a bit of code working in that web app I mentioned the other day.

Now, I did reach (and surpass) my daily goal of doing at least three major things, so I’m not gonna complain too much. But come on. My family went off and did a bunch of things while I stayed at home sleeping on and off all day. Of course I want to stay up and do things now that I’m feeling better! It feels like another day wasted.

*another big sigh*

Anyway. That’s why I’d rather stay awake right now. Even if I did stay up, I’d be doing stuff by myself since everyone else I know is horizontal and unconscious. Besides, sleep does sound really attractive right now. Being sick and in pain reaaaaalllllllly takes all of your energy. It’s basically a job in and of itself!

Note to self: Drink more of this tea, it’s lovely!

So I’ll bid you a lovely evening. Goodnight, you beautiful person, you! Sweet dreams and see you soonly. 😄







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