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I ate popcorn… Oopsie!

I shouldn’t be eating popcorn. I actually should avoid eating corn altogether, but popped corn especially. This is because of my Crohn’s- my body can’t deal with it anymore, which is horrible since POPCORN IS MY MOST FAVOURITE FOOD OF ALL TIME!!

Before Crohn’s was an issue, is inhale popcorn at least once a week, if not more. My mom and I were popcorn monsters. We’d make oodles of popcorn just for us and not share with the rest of the family. They usually didn’t care anyway.

Tonight we attended the summertime movies in Stanley Park to watch National Lampoon’s Vacation, which was really fun. But of course they were making popcorn there and each person in my family had their own bag of the stuff. It was horrible. I nibbled on a few pieces of popcorn, but otherwise I avoided it. But it was so hard!! Especially because I’m on a liquid diet right now. 😒

I kinda wish that my family would be more supportive and eat alternatives to popcorn around me. It’s not like it’s a huge ask. But whatever.

The point is I ate some popcorn, I didn’t go crazy with it, and I’m okay.







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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Heh I saw the title and instantly cringed… glad you didn’t kill your insides by having piles!

  2. Josiah the Carrot Stick Avatar
    Josiah the Carrot Stick

    How dare you.

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