Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Let’s all count to one!


We did it!

Oh man, I miss The Muppet Show. My family has several seasons of the original show from back in the day on DVD. It’d be fun to watch it again! Oh my goodness. That’s what we should watch for our next movie night; The Muppets from 2011 with Jason Segel! I’ve been wanting to rewatch that for a while now.

Note to self: Do it. Watch The Muppets with someone. Soon!

You’re getting off-topic, Matthew. Stick to your point!

My point? Have I a point?

Yes. You really do. You reeeeeaaalllly do, Matthew.

Do I?

Yes. Stop questioning it.

But if I don’t question it, who will?

Does anybody really care?

Care about what?

What you’re talking about.

Am I talking about something?

Yes. You are.

No, I’m really not.

Then what are you doing?

Typing something.



You’re too picky.

Am I?

And you ask way too many questions.

Do I?


So, you were saying something about counting?

Questions are so important, don’t ya think?


See? You just used a question! *le gasp* And so did I!


Thank you so much! It’s just super! I’m so excited!

Again. Congrats.

Anywhozzles, we successfully counted to one! Now that we’ve accomplished our goal, I think we deserve to dance to a fun song! I’ve included two songs below, but be warned that Lose Control uses some explicit words. The other one does not.







2 Responses to “Let’s all count to one!”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    I’d watch the Muppets with you 🙂 been a while since we did a movie night!

    1. Matthew Avatar

      You said that you’ve seen that one too much. But as long as you’re offering, I’m game! ☺

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