Cheese melt.

Food. It’s a wonderful thing. And over the past week I’ve been working to eat better and I’m totally obsessed with tomato cheese melts. You start with bread, add some sliced tomato, a dash of pepper, then a layer of cheese. Pop that into the oven for a few minutes and presto!! A yummy snack!


I’m becoming a coffee person!

I’ve never been one for coffee. I’ve never even wanted to drink coffee, but over the summer that’s changed. I started drinking iced coffee every once in a while. And while I still don’t like straight coffee, the bitter taste of coffee in general has become more palatable in frappes and such.

Never did I peg myself as a coffee person. (I still don’t think I quite qualify since I don’t drink just coffee.) But I guess the change makes sense, especially now that I’m working at a coffee house. I’m a barista! What’s up with that?? It’s crazy! And because I’m kinda new to this world, I’m making a lot of practice drinks that I end up consuming myself… and now I like coffee.

Haha! It’s just a funny observation mostly, but it does make sense. If I’m gonna be a barista I should be at least somewhat familiar with what I’m serving. I’ll probably cut back on my intake once I’ve figured out the job a bit more, but for now… it’s oodles of coffee for me!!! 😍

Keep it loose, peeps! 😜




Dude. So last night I was thirsty, right? I wanted something a little more than water. Looking through the fridge, I spotted our carton of milk. After thinking for a moment, I pulled it out revealing the bottle of maple syrup. For some reason I thought the two should be introduced to each other. I pulled out a glass, poured some milk, then added the maple syrup.

Man, was I onto something! The milk and the syrup were dancing around in my mouth! Oh my goodness, they were so good together!! You should try it! It just makes sense. Everything in life makes sense after you’ve had this combo.

I looked online afterwards because something this amazing and this obvious surely would’ve been discovered by now, and I was right! I found recipes for hot milk and maple syrup—which sounds even better!! Hot milk and maple syrup? Um, yes please, gurl!!

Have a good one!


I’m still hungry…

SOC (Stream of consciousness)—So, today I’ve eaten a great amount of food, yet I’m still very hungry.

Mom made a large breakfast consisting of eggs, guacamole, toast, hash browns, and a really punchy smoothie. All very yummers! I really enjoyed it. Then we drove up the coast to Whistler for a change of scenery. It’s such a pretty drive up the Sea to Sky Highway! Once we arrived, and after looking around for a bit, we sat down at a restaurant for some food. Mom wasn’t really hungry, but I was. So we got a lovely Mediterranean flatbread dish to share, and I got a large veggie burger with a side of coleslaw. Again, very delicious!

The first thing I did when I got home was to make myself some more food. But I had just finished eating 90 minutes earlier. Even as I write this, I could still go for some food. But I’m not going to because it’s not a great idea.

And all of the food I ate was whole, unprocessed food. The good stuff. My body is just messed up.

I have a very love/hate relationship with food. With my Crohn’s, food is not a very fun thing for me, even though I love food! Playing around in the kitchen is one of my favourite things. My Instagram can attest to that; it’s full of food pics!

Anyway. I’m very competent in a kitchen and can whip up a tasty meal without looking at a recipe, but I’ve been thinking I’ll join a cooking class to help keep me inspired and excited about food. At the very least I’ll be able to connect with others who are excited about food, too!

Note to self: Find a cooking group or class to join in the next week!


Review of Moxie’s in Downtown Vancouver

A friend recommended that for today’s blog post I should write a review of the restaurant at which I ate tonight. So that’s what I’mma do.

The Setup

It was just about ten at night and I needed food. I’m still new to Vancouver, so I’m unfamiliar with the restaurant selection at any time of the day. But because of the hour, most places were either closing soon or already closed.

I finally decided to eat at Moxie’s, a chain restaurant that serves a typical grill menu as well as pasta dishes and fancy pizza.

The Order

The place seating was completely empty, aside from one person sitting on a bar stool. I took a seat and was greeted by a friendly Irish person who handed me a menu. I perused the variety of food options before me.

You know that moment when you’re faced with a daunting life choice and you’re almost paralyzed with indecision? Yeah. That was me. Each dish presents a completely different outcome. If I chose anything with meat, I’d be miserable at best. If I chose pizza, there’d be tomato sauce, a lovely thin crust, and cheese! If I got a veggie burger, that would be fine. And then there was pasta!

The Food

I finally opted for the chicken penne Alfredo topped with a fancy cheese. Such a good choice, Matthew. Such a good choice.

The sauce was quite tasty with nearly carmelized onions, a full mushroom-y flavour, and just the right amount of creaminess that you’d want in an Alfredo sauce.

And the garlic bread they served on the side was also totes delish! The crust was crisp without being too much to bite into.

The Conclusion

Overall, my visit to Moxie’s Grill & Bar in downtown Vancouver was amazing. The food was excellent, the staff were friendly and responsive, and it was just a really good time in general. I’d recommend this place to everyone in the area!

The Picture

Sarah said I should add a few photos. Here are two guinea pigs with a pineapple.