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I’m becoming a coffee person!

I’ve never been one for coffee. I’ve never even wanted to drink coffee, but over the summer that’s changed. I started drinking iced coffee every once in a while. And while I still don’t like straight coffee, the bitter taste of coffee in general has become more palatable in frappes and such.

Never did I peg myself as a coffee person. (I still don’t think I quite qualify since I don’t drink just coffee.) But I guess the change makes sense, especially now that I’m working at a coffee house. I’m a barista! What’s up with that?? It’s crazy! And because I’m kinda new to this world, I’m making a lot of practice drinks that I end up consuming myself… and now I like coffee.

Haha! It’s just a funny observation mostly, but it does make sense. If I’m gonna be a barista I should be at least somewhat familiar with what I’m serving. I’ll probably cut back on my intake once I’ve figured out the job a bit more, but for now… it’s oodles of coffee for me!!! 😍

Keep it loose, peeps! 😜





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2 Responses to “I’m becoming a coffee person!”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Do they just let you drink it free and unlimited?

    1. Matthew Avatar

      My boss is very generous and lets us have a couple of drinks every shift, but not unlimited. And because I’m new I have to practice on something without delaying paying customer’s drinks too much. *shrugs*

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