Dude. So last night I was thirsty, right? I wanted something a little more than water. Looking through the fridge, I spotted our carton of milk. After thinking for a moment, I pulled it out revealing the bottle of maple syrup. For some reason I thought the two should be introduced to each other. I pulled out a glass, poured some milk, then added the maple syrup.

Man, was I onto something! The milk and the syrup were dancing around in my mouth! Oh my goodness, they were so good together!! You should try it! It just makes sense. Everything in life makes sense after you’ve had this combo.

I looked online afterwards because something this amazing and this obvious surely would’ve been discovered by now, and I was right! I found recipes for hot milk and maple syrup—which sounds even better!! Hot milk and maple syrup? Um, yes please, gurl!!

Have a good one!


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