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Review of Moxie’s in Downtown Vancouver

A friend recommended that for today’s blog post I should write a review of the restaurant at which I ate tonight. So that’s what I’mma do.

The Setup

It was just about ten at night and I needed food. I’m still new to Vancouver, so I’m unfamiliar with the restaurant selection at any time of the day. But because of the hour, most places were either closing soon or already closed.

I finally decided to eat at Moxie’s, a chain restaurant that serves a typical grill menu as well as pasta dishes and fancy pizza.

The Order

The place seating was completely empty, aside from one person sitting on a bar stool. I took a seat and was greeted by a friendly Irish person who handed me a menu. I perused the variety of food options before me.

You know that moment when you’re faced with a daunting life choice and you’re almost paralyzed with indecision? Yeah. That was me. Each dish presents a completely different outcome. If I chose anything with meat, I’d be miserable at best. If I chose pizza, there’d be tomato sauce, a lovely thin crust, and cheese! If I got a veggie burger, that would be fine. And then there was pasta!

The Food

I finally opted for the chicken penne Alfredo topped with a fancy cheese. Such a good choice, Matthew. Such a good choice.

The sauce was quite tasty with nearly carmelized onions, a full mushroom-y flavour, and just the right amount of creaminess that you’d want in an Alfredo sauce.

And the garlic bread they served on the side was also totes delish! The crust was crisp without being too much to bite into.

The Conclusion

Overall, my visit to Moxie’s Grill & Bar in downtown Vancouver was amazing. The food was excellent, the staff were friendly and responsive, and it was just a really good time in general. I’d recommend this place to everyone in the area!

The Picture

Sarah said I should add a few photos. Here are two guinea pigs with a pineapple.







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  1. Sarah Avatar

    Nice work on the review! Might I suggest adding a photo or two if you do this again? It’s fun to see the environment in restaurant/travel reviews 🙂

    1. Matthew Avatar

      Great idea! I added some pics.

      1. Sarah Avatar


        Bravo, my friend. Add photos you did!

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