Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

It went well!

Two things for today’s post.


My MRI went well! I want expecting to be presented with two liters of chilled Peglyte (polyethylene glycol) to drink in two minutes. Let me tell you, that stuff is nasty! And it makes you need to evacuate your bowels after cramping and stuff. But it needed to happen so they could take beautiful pictures of my small intestine.

They also injected some kind of a muscle relaxant targeted at my intestines so they’d stop moving, providing a clearer picture. So really, MRI scans are hugely expensive photoshoots using a giant magnet-powered camera with the innards of my body as the star!! Don’t worry I’m not gonna share the pics with you.

Tomorrow is a follow-up from a test I had on Tuesday, and then I’m done with big med stuff until October first.


I have amazing, lovely, talented, crazy, and wonderful people in my life. My friends are the best and I can’t say this enough; I LOVE THEM TO DEATH.

Oh! It’s my mother’s birthday today, so happy b-day to you, Moo-Moo! Love ya lots. 😊❤

And that will do it! Until tomorrow!







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