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I’m getting scanned tomorrow!

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My Life With Crohn’s!

Last month my doctor ordered a few tests and scans before we change my medications. Weirdly enough, most of those tests and scans were scheduled for this week. And lucky me because tomorrow I get to be scanned! Kinda like Spock scanning for life forms on planets and starships, except this scan isn’t in the 23rd century.

So I’m getting an MRI tomorrow morning and I’m super excited. So excited, in fact, that I marked it on my calendar and have decided to fast until after the MRI is complete! It’s like a holiday that I have to observe because of my weird Crohn’s religion or something, yanno? Fun times!

Anyway, I don’t know exactly what the procedure will entail until it happens, but I’d like to record some of what happens when I’m there. So I’m thinking that I’ll do a live show on Anchor as the day unfolds, that way everyone can hear what’s happening and I can talk through my anxiety. Hopefully that will be possible—we’ll have to see!

Wish me luck! I’ve had imaging like this before so I kinda know what to expect though not really.








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  1. Sarah Avatar

    The analogy of it being like a holiday made me laugh out loud xD Oh goodie oh joy!

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