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Another chapter, a new adventure…

Rewrite this, Matthew.

Like, for reals, okay?

Okay, okay… I’m writing an actual post now. Let’s do another update!

So yesterday (aka today, in terms of when this post was supposed to be written) I took transit down to New Westminster for a simple little medical test. The test was negative, which is good in this case!

However, because I’m taking medications that alter my immune system, they need to do a more extensive test on my blood to confirm the results. So they handed me another lab requisition for yet another test that I’ll have to get completed on Monday. AND the test has to be done either in their lab or the lab at the hospital across the street from that office which means I have to either drive 20-30 minutes or take a big transit trip again next week for a tiny little test. Fun stuff!

So that’s all well and good. I thought that I was done with medical testing until the first week of October, but one more lab isn’t bad.

*phone starts ringing as I walk back to the Sky Train*

“Hello, this is Dr. insert a rheumatology Doctor’s name’s office. I wanted to confirm your appointment for next Friday.”


I had no clue about this appointment. This phone call was the first I’d heard about it! So I got all of the details from the person on the phone and created a new event on my calendar. YAY! But while I wrote the address on my phone I realised that this specialist will probably order a few more tests at this upcoming appointment.

All of this medical testing and the growing list of specialists is a good thing. It’s the main reason I came to Vancouver, so I’m not complaining at all. There’s just a lot happening all of a sudden and it’s a lot to take in and keep track of. Thankfully everything has been positive—or negative depending on the test—and things are looking very good for the continuing path of recovery and maintenance of my Crohn’s. Woot!








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