Totally drained of energy.

I’m so tired. My brain doesn’t want to think too much and my body doesn’t want to move either.

It’s really frustrating because it’s the kind of tired that makes it hard even to sleep or pay attention. I may have already said this, but this is probably the most frustrating thing for me besides the food limitations. Not only am I unwell, it’s hard to watch TV or read a book. I want to do something creative with this time and my brain says, “I just want to rest.”


Even writing is frustrating me. Just seems quite taxing. So I’m just gonna try to sleep now.

Good night, cats and kittens!


4 thoughts on “Totally drained of energy.

  1. …but what if I don’t want to identify as a cat OR a kitten? Do I not receive a good night? Is that why I only slept for 5.5 hours? ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?!?!?!?

    1. -_- I’m not responsible for your lack of sleep. And if I had to list every single option for what people may or may not identify as then you’d never get to sleep. So deal with it.

      1. I also do not identify as a cat or kitten and had gotten like 6 hours of sleep, but my actual kittens got a lot.

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