I’m just gonna ramble.

Rambling can be fun. You never really know what’s gonna come up when you start to ramble without a plan, which is what I’m doing right now.

I could say anything that pops into my mind! I’m just making it all up as I go. Weeeee!! 😂

Paddlefest is over now and I’m going over the registrations, compiling stats, writing reports, ensuring the transactions are sorted properly, and whatever else. Lots of stuff to go through! Kinda boring, but still interesting.

My phone’s also been acting weird the past week. It dies really quickly, sometimes shutting down when there’s still 30% battery remaining. One night it wouldn’t turn on and I was supposed to have a phone call with a friend to catch up. I tried everything and it was as useful as a brick. Less so, actually, since you can build things with bricks!

Let’s see… There’s a bunch of smoke hanging over the coast right now. It came down at the beginning of last week along with a heat wave. A whole system just parked over us. And the smoke doesn’t block heat from the sun like clouds do. No, sir.

The smoke got extremely thick today, such that I couldn’t see skyscrapers in the distance. It is so thick the buildings down the street look hazy!

I do like looking at the moon and sun through the smoke since they look super red-ish orange-ish. It’s kinda pretty! You can actually look directly at the sun and see its colour because the smoke is so thick! And everything takes on a pink-ish hue as the sunlight filters through the layers of smoke.

Anyway. Just rambling tonight. Thanks for reading it all! I’m gonna write about dogs tomorrow, I think.

Keep it chill, friends!


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