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Dogs vs. Cats

(Warning: I did not read this after writing it. I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning.)

A quick question. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

I, myself, prefer dogs to cats, but that’s mainly because I’m allergic to cats, a fact that frustrates me and, for many years, I’ve had to re-learn because I kept forgetting. But saying that I’m a dog person doesn’t mean that I don’t like cats. The whole pitting dogs against cats is a weird concept to begin with. What if I didn’t prefer either of those animals in my home and instead I called myself a “turtle person”? Again, that doesn’t mean that I dislike dogs or cats, I just have chosen to adopt a turtle to live in my house. Or maybe I am a turtle-less turtle person that just likes turtles.

When my sister was between 6 and 12, she always made a big deal of her desire to adopt a cat. We had two dogs, and our dad was severely allergic to cats, so we never did adopt a cat.

For some weird reason, this phenomenon (do do dododo) of pitting two things against each other has been on my mind a lot recently. Well, it was more on (heh) my mind a week and a bit ago, but I didn’t have the energy to write about it without burning out my brain.

Another pairing that is often put out there is the classic Star Wars vs. Star Trek. I mean, if a person prefers one over the other, they aren’t disapproving of the other option. They’re just answering a question that someone asked them. Well, unless they actually are trying to say that one is better by picking it. But I’ve found that often times when someone picks one thing out of pairing, they can be met with very strong reactions.

Like, if a computer user states that they prefer Windows, most Mac users would roll their eyes and defend Apple’s operating system. Why does that happen? Why was that question even asked in the first place? It reminds me of a moment from Corner Gas:


There’s probably some research into this phenomenon (do do dododo), and I want to look into it further, but it seems that it’s just in human nature to pit one thing against another in some form or another. And that’s fine. It leads to sports, meaningful discussions, and whatever else. (I’m losing my train of thought here.)

Anyway, there you are. A weird, late night thought direct from my brain.

By the way, I like both Star Wars and Star Trek. They are both amazing shows, but they have different strengths and styles. One is not superior to the other. Wait! I remembered my other thought.

Everyone has their own interests and preferences, and that doesn’t take away anyone else’s right or ability to like something else. Regardless of whether something is objectively “good” or “bad”, the diversity of everyone having unique preferences is amazing and something to be celebrated. Trek or Wars, there’s no “right answer” to that question. And maybe someone’s answer would be Doctor Who or Firefly!

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations. 🖖

That’s all, folks. Sleep well!







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  1. poulet frit Avatar
    poulet frit

    I’ve always had dogs and other random animals. We had a cat once and it was evil.
    But I’ve come to find, that if I had to choose my favorite pet, I would choose my Sphynx cat and his little naked body.

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