Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Slow Progress

I just finished writing a long-ish post, but WordPress was stupid and didn’t back it up to the local cache, to the database, or anywhere else. LAMESAUCE!! However, let’s forgive and move on because this has to be done. I must write a new post every single day. Sleep is for the weak! But I am weak, so…😐

*exhales bigly*

It’s frustrating for me to still be here, working to rebuild my strength just to get out of bed every day. It feels like that’s been my sole task for the past three years. It’s like my life is on this little loop. Regain health, get hit with a Crohn’s flare, rebuild health, etc. I want to move forward to something new! Something that allows me the energy and freedom to be creative and get out of my safe space. I don’t want to spend my limited amount of energy on this repeating pattern. I have big ideas and no energy to realise them. I feel stuck!

I have been moving forward, though. I am making progress. It’s really slow at times and filled with difficulties (and pain), but it’s progress nonetheless. For example, I’m now in Vancouver, I have a GI specialist, and we’re working to adjust my meds. Actually, moving and getting a gastroenterologist is a big goal that I can now mark as complete! YAY!! 😁 And my flare is improving now, which means I am regaining energy to pursue more activities and feel normal.

So yes, I’m making progress! I’m happy about that. Now it’s time to continue moving forward, to keep sight of my goals and take everything one day at a time. I’ll get where I’m going eventually, even if I have to take time out to focus on my Crohn’s first.

My original post was better than what I just wrote. Oh well! It’s now time for bed.

Go, me, go! 🙃








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