Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

I’m completely stuck.

I can’t write anything tonight. So instead, I’ll write about my inability to write.


There’s a writing exercise in which you take a simple word or concept from the everyday, then describe it. The aim is to better understand the chosen subject since many things are just taken at face value. It can be quite tricky.

For example, I was trying to do this with “darkness”. Sounds easy enough, eh?

But darkness is just… darkness. How do you go about actually describing it? I started with,

“The absence of light.

The fall of night.

A deep sleep.

A nightmare.

A monster.”

I had started to also write, “a dark colour,” or something to that effect, which is not helpful at all.

Is there a way to describe darkness through the tone of a colour? Probably. Can I do it? Not right now.

This exercise can also help to show how you interpret the world or the current state of your mind. You should give it a go!

Anyway, now that I’ve actually written something, I’m gonna go. 👋







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    poulet frit

    The darkness is scary

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