Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Don’t read this.

Please. I’m being completely serious here. Don’t read this.

You probably want to keep reading now, right? But you’ll probably pretend that you didn’t. Perhaps you tell yourself that you’ll just “gloss over the rest” instead of actually reading everything.

Just please, I ask you to stop reading.

If I were to actually ask you in person, you’d be more likely to listen because I’m there to see your response. On the internet, I’m not watching you. (Or am I?)

Stop. Here. You’re done reading.

Besides, I’m publishing this publicly, so of course you have to read it. If I don’t want you to read it, then why publish it?

Good question. How about you just stop reading, eh?

Maybe I’m making a point. Maybe I’m trying to make you think of something. Perhaps I don’t know what to write about so I’m making up this silly post. Or maybe, just maybe, I really don’t want you to be reading my blog. In which case, you’re not going to listen.

Please stop reading.







2 Responses to “Don’t read this.”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    Hehe. A local author I am friends with published an entire children’s book that is very much like this post.

    1. Matthew Avatar

      So you read it.

      Great. Thanks.

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