Learning languages.

I’m quite intrigued by language. It’s something that’s always mystified me in a way. I know several languages, mostly computer based ones, but still. Language helps to define our perception of the world and learning other languages can help you to see new perspectives… view the world differently. Plus you can communicate with more people and it doesn’t hurt your résumé!

I used to be able to manage French decently, but I lost that years ago. I can still loosely understand French, but I want to relearn it to the point that I can hold up a normal conversation again. And I’m working to rebuild that!

Note to self: I think you already wrote about this at some point, but please continue.

Here’s a list of languages I’ve started learning over the past year.

  1. French – It’s Canada’s other official language.
  2. Spanish – It’s similar to French and is widely used. Plus Dora got me hooked.
  3. Klingon – For obvious reasons.
  4. ASL – I’ve been working on this one for a while and I’d love to take it up a notch.
  5. Italian – *shrugs* Why not, right?

There are a bunch more I’d love to learn—including Tolkien’s Elvish—but this is a start. In fact I’ve already started on these! My big goal is to be able to converse in each of these languages next year. Or at least half of these languages. 🙃

My other goal is to learn Cree and/or Chipewyan, languages from my home region in the NWT. It’s harder to get resources on these languages and to practice them outside of the territories, but I’ll work on it.


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