More Goals!

Last Monday I posted a few goals for the rest of my week. How about we check in and see how I did then set some more?

Last Week’s Goals – Report Card

Bedtime – C

I did a good job getting to sleep before midnight Monday to Friday last week. But as you know, I’ve been having insomnia since then. The weekend was especially bad. I can’t help what my body’s doing as far as being able sleep, but I’m still trying to get back to an earlier bedtime without pushing myself too much.

Food Diary – F

I completely forgot about this goal and thusly haven’t been keeping any record of what food I’ve eaten. In fact, my eating hasn’t been the best since the insomnia kicked in. The food I’ve eaten has been fine, but I’ve been eating too late in the day and eating less frequently than would probably be best.

House Cleaning – C

Again, it was going well until the insomnia hit. It’s really frustrating! Oh well. The house is tidy (other than a few things in the kitchen), but there are some tasks besides the daily chores that I still haven’t completed. I’m gonna get them done.

New Goals!

Continue Podcast Editing

I’ve not been feeling great the past several days, especially with the insomnia. But I’ve also been depressed. It’s a continuation of the usual stuff for me, which doesn’t make it any less easy. But that coupled with the fact that I can only edit on my desktop computer, which isn’t very portable, and not being in the house when I’m feeling good makes for very little time to work on podcast stuffs. I’m going to focus on it a bit more, though.

Finish Paperwork

I have a bunch of things to get done paperwork-wise. It shouldn’t be too much work, just a lot of parts to it. Actually, on second thought… there’s a lot of work for me to complete. Some more important than other bits, but I just got to keep chomping away at it.

Go Out

I have been lacking in social contact the past little while. I have some anxieties which don’t always make it easy to socialize with unfamiliar people and with the weird sleep I’ve been getting, I haven’t been going out as much as I’d like or as I need. Even if it’s just for a walk or to chill at the library, I want to go out every single day for at least two hours, preferably more.

That’s all for me today. Have a fabulous rest of your week, my friends! 😀


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