Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Wah… It’s over…

Game of Thrones season seven is over and now the waiting game for season eight has begun. What a way to go out, though!

Overall, this season has been amazing. Sure, the pacing was off and the penultimate episode seemed very unlikely, but it’s getting to the point where everything is clashing. All of the build up from the past six seasons is coming to a head, so of course things are gonna speed up and become even more intense.

I’m not writing a review here, just sharing my excitement! Oh my goodness, it’s so exciting! Just want to rewatch the whole thing again now.

Also, super moved by Logic’s performance tonight at the VMAs. Just… it really hits close to home.

Anyway, I have a big day tomorrow. Gonna be meeting new friends amongst other stuff! Plus it’s a new day with new opportunities; let’s make the most of it!

Ciao! 🙃







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