Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

Mission: Find a piano.

I haven’t put very much effort into this yet, but I have a mission to find a piano that I can use in Vancouver.

Now that I’m feeling better and am able to actually do stuff, this mission has become active and real. It’s happening; I’m going to find a piano, if not multiple pianos!

Now, there are some street pianos downtown, which is great. I’ve seen those, played them, 10/10, would play again. But those are far away and a bit out of tune, which sounds silly but it makes a difference. Plus they’re in public place which isn’t conducive to practice and musical exercises.

Today I learned that there are pianos at one of the campuses that can be used by anyone. But again, distance is a major factor here. It’s really great to know this fact, and I will chase this lead for sure, but the mission isn’t yet complete.

There’s a small music store down the road that I keep waking past and forgetting about. Hopefully by writing about it now, it will stick in my mind so I’ll actually visit it during the daytime when I can actually go inside.

Note to self: Visit the music shop down the road!

While they definitely don’t have pianos in this shop, my plan is to speak with the people there to get some intel. Great idea, right? Thanks.

Annndddd I have several other leads to chase down including a music conservatory on the other end of this street and some places downtown. I am determined to work on this not only over the next week, but for however long it will take to complete this mission! I just hope it will result in finding a piano sooner rather than later.

That’s all for now, so have a good night, my peeps!







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