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My number one enemy.

Good news, friends! Today I have discovered my new top enemy.

No, no… Calm down. It’s not me. We already knew that my true enemy is myself. That’s not news.

To be honest, this discovery isn’t that surprising. I’ve known about it for a while. But today, the danger posed by this enemy has become more apparent and ever more imminent.

My enemy? The sun.

That’s right. My number one enemy is the big nuclear reaction hanging in space upon which life on Earth depends.

The reason I consider the sun my enemy is simple. It burned me. See, I’m taking medications that make my skin more sensitive to sunlight. I’m already a ginger that has struggled with sunburns all my life, so this just compounds the problem.

On Sunday, I got a little tanned during my hike with Mom. I didn’t burn, thank goodness! But now my skin is even more sensitive because of the tan. I drove my sister to a couple of places, but I didn’t apply sunscreen. By the time I returned home, my arms had actually started to burn.

So now I have to be even more cautious with exposing my skin to the sun’s death ray.

Look out, friends!! The sun is not your friend!!







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  1. Sarah Avatar

    I kind of imagined this being announced in the fashion of Dr. Dufinschmirtz, who seems to be so excited about and value having an arch nemesis.

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