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Meeting new people

I have been in Vancouver for a few weeks now, but I haven’t done too much socializing outside of my family’s friends. Meeting new people is a big deal for me. I can do it, and I’m really good at socializing, but it’s scary. I know I’m not alone in that fear. Many people also struggle with this or a similar issue.

I mentioned the possibility of my joining a cooking class. I’ll be looking into that this week. I’m also gonna start attending a Crohn’s and Colitis support group. And I’ve downloaded the Meetup app to see about finding some groups to join for some fun activities! There’s some fun stuff listed on that app. Everything from Star Trek game groups to hacking events to nerdy movie nights to hiking packs and even an improv rock choir! It all sounds quite amazing and right up my alley.

So that’s gonna be part of my challenge this week. To reach out a bit and put myself out there. It’s gonna be great!

I’m also gonna apply on some more jobs on top of attending a couple meetings for Paddlefest. Oh, and I need to get a blood test… Can’t forget that!

Today I went on the Grouse Grind with my mother! It was amazing! My first time to there and it was simply brilliant. Basically, the grind is a steep and challenging hike up the side of a mountain. Grouse Mountain, to be exact! And once you get to the top, there’s a bunch of stuff that you can do, including zipline runs, paragliding, helicopter tours, am amazing restaurant, some wildlife shows, a lumberjack demo complete with log rolling, and even more!

Mom and I want to start doing the grind once a week. So that journey started today with our first successful attempt which to us eighty minutes, including a snack break at the halfway point. A really good time! And once we reached the top, we bought an annual pass! So we’re locked in for this goal. It’s happening.







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