Another quick one today.

Just gonna check in. I don’t have the mental energy to write something more than an update.

Today has been long and hard. I consider it to be a good day, though. It started with less sleep than I needed. Again. This time was mostly do to me purposely staying up last night. But because I couldn’t sleep Saturday night, and I went to bed late last night, my body has been off. But my sleep over the past couple of weeks has been messed up anyway. So it’s nothing new.

I did a bunch of work today, which was good. I’m excited about it and ready to complete everything later this week. We’re getting Paddlefest stuff going again! Woot!

I also got to have a video chat with some fans from The Aux Cable. That was probably the highlight of my day! So much fun. ^_^

Packing up my stuff to relocate to Vancouver did not happen. I was overwhelmed and didn’t complete the mission. I’ll get it done tomorrow.

That’s about it. Tomorrow will be really busy, so I’ll probably do another small update. But after that… I’ll write more fun stuff! Until then, goodnight and good luck.


9 thoughts on “Another quick one today.

        1. Okeydokey. Playing favorites, are they? 😀 (don’t worry, I’m kidding)

          1. …we may have done a bit of guilt tripping. We also didn’t think it would happen.

          2. Making them feel bad so they will talk to us.
            We kinda sorta did that in a way…but not…exactly.

          3. It’s frankly none of my business, and I understand that.

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