Shampoo Day

It happened again. I got carried away and didn’t write a new post until the last minute.

I just finished watching Rogue One with Ryan and he suggested that I write about a mundane activity from my everyday life. But that’s kinda boring. So I’m going to write about something that happens less frequently than every day. Get ready for Shampoo Day!

Shampoo day is a rare phenomenon that occurs every four to seven days. But what is it exactly? It’s the day that I treat my hair to a deep cleansing and conditioning. Because of my sensitive scalp, I have to be careful not to clean my hair too frequently or too infrequently. And I have to choose just the right shampoo.

It all starts when I enter the bathroom. Well, it actually starts before that. I first gather all of the necessary materials to complete the task, including the shampoo and my normal shower tools; a Dove beauty bar, Bioré charcoal bar soap, Arm & Hammer toothpaste, my toothbrush, a towel, my phone, Bluetooth speaker, and of course, a shower. (Yes, I brush my teeth in the shower.) The cleaning agent with which I choose to treat my hair and flaky scalp is the Head & Shoulders Clinical Solutions dandruff shampoo.

Note to self: Maybe that’s too specific, Matthew. Yeah… maybe, Matthew.

Once everything is ready, I turn on the bathroom fan, undress, and crank up the tunes! Music is a must for shower time. I turn on the shower and step in once the water reaches a reasonably warm temperature. I spend a few moments revelling in the water raining down on me and singing along with the blaring music.

I dance around and rinse out my hair, preparing myself for the next step: the shampooing. The orangey goo oozes onto my hand as I squeeze the bottle. I use enough to cover a toonie. The lather that forms on my hands as I rub them together make me smile, because yeah… bubbles are fun! Still singing, I run my shampoo-covered hands through my luscious ginger strands growing from the top of my head, coating them with the goo. Next, I brush my teeth while the shampoo sits to do its thing.

Note to self: Yeah, definitely too much, Matthew.

Okay. I want to get to bed anyway, so I’ll wrap this up with a long sentence glossing over the rest of my process.

I rinse out my mouth, then the shampoo, after which I use the soap to wash off the rest of my body, including the charcoal bar for my face and chest, then gargle some water, turn off the shower, pull back the curtain, grab my towel, dry off my person, run some coconut oil through my hair and comb it with my fingers (or an actual comb), then put on some moisturizer and get dressed. All of this while continuing to sing or hum!

And there you have it. Shampoo Day! You’re welcome. 😅


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  1. This ended up being more interesting than I thought it was going to be from the title.

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