Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

What’s Up?

This week has been fairly crazy.

For the first couple of days, I woke up in Clarkston, Washington. I was visiting some friends for the weekend and having a wonderful time! Although, I was a bit short on sleep. So we slept in a bit. But once we were up, we got straight to doing stuff and making the most of what little time we had together.

Once I got back home, I recorded a new episode of The Aux Cable with Ryan, which was to be released the following day. On that Wednesday, after sleeping in a tad, I drove to Penticton to meetup with my brother and his girlfriend. Last week we made plans to surprise a friend in Kelowna for her birthday. So that’s what we did. It was great! She really got a kick out of it, and I got to see her again after a whole year.

That night, we stayed up watching horror movies until the wee hours of the morning. I love horror films! But I prefer to watch them with people as I think it’s more fun to be scared in a group. Spending time with this group was so much fun, and it brought back a lot of memories. I hope we do something else soon!

And on Friday and Saturday, I finished out the week with some TV, movies, and lots of naps. (Yay for The Crown and Your Lie in April!) I needed to catch up on sleep, so I did my best to accomplish that. Yay! Also, I got my popcorn fix for a while. My cousin and I went to see Doctor Strange in the theatre, so of course popcorn was involved!! 😉

Overall, an amazing week spent with good friends and family.

This coming week? Well, it’s gonna be interesting. I will officially be starting my job search and figuring out how to navigate the healthcare system down here. It shouldn’t be too different from the North, but I don’t know quite where to start. I’ll be getting some help with that though.

Wish me luck!







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