Dancing babies.

This was an ad before a video I watched the other day.

April 3, 2019 Update
The original video that I shared has been taken down, so I’ve replaced it with a video of equal beauty.

It’s amazing. Simply amazing. Everyone needs to see this video, which is why I’m sharing it here!

You’re welcome.


Section/Article 22b.

Welcome! Bienvenue! This post will be in compliance with section 22b of the Official Languages Act of Canada. Cette publication sera conforme à l’article 22b de la Loi sur les langues officielles du Canada.

And yes, I am using Google Translate to assist me, though I’m trying to use my French skillz. So please forgive any mistakes I make with the French parts. Et oui, j’utilise Google Translate pour m’aider, même si j’essaie d’utiliser mes compétencez en français. Pardonnez toutes les erreurs que je fais avec la partie française.

Maybe I’ll mistake makes some in English too so it’s fairer? Sounds legit to me! Peut-être que je dérangerai également les pièces anglaises pour que cela soit juste? Me semble légitime!

Last night it started raining and the temperature plummeted, which means that I’ve been moving slower than frozen maple syrup all day. I think that it also affected my tummy because it wasn’t feeling well either. La nuit dernière, il a commencé à pleuvoir et la température a chuté, ce qui signifie que je me déplaçais plus lentement que le sirop d’érable congelé toute la journée. Je pense que cela a également affecté mon ventre car il ne se sent pas bien non plus.

Also, you should watch this. De même, vous devriez regarder cela.

Fun, no? Amusant, non? 😅

Okay, okay… I’m done with the French translations now. D’accord, j’ai fini de m’amuser en traduisant mes mots en français.

Thank you for putting up with me. Merci de votre attention.

À la prochaine, my friends!


O Canada

This is really funny!!

Happy Birthday, Canada! I love you so much. You’re weird, you’re silly, you’re scary, you’re beautiful, you’re varied, you’re expansive, you’re diverse… and you are my home.

Now how aboot we hop onto a moose, head off to the igloo, and fulfill some stereotypes, eh? It’s so cold out here! Let’s grab some beaver tails, bannock, Indian butter, and a heap of poutine to eat! Oh, and we’d better swing by Timmy’s too, eh? But first I need to get off this chesterfield and put on my bunny hug, parka, touque, and mittens over my Canadian tux. Oh, and I can’t forget my hockey gear or my mickey of maple syrup from Quebec! Tout est génial! C’est toute magnifique!

Bonne fête, Canada!!

Sorry for all that.