O Canada

This is really funny!!

Happy Birthday, Canada! I love you so much. You’re weird, you’re silly, you’re scary, you’re beautiful, you’re varied, you’re expansive, you’re diverse… and you are my home.

Now how aboot we hop onto a moose, head off to the igloo, and fulfill some stereotypes, eh? It’s so cold out here! Let’s grab some beaver tails, bannock, Indian butter, and a heap of poutine to eat! Oh, and we’d better swing by Timmy’s too, eh? But first I need to get off this chesterfield and put on my bunny hug, parka, touque, and mittens over my Canadian tux. Oh, and I can’t forget my hockey gear or my mickey of maple syrup from Quebec! Tout est génial! C’est toute magnifique!

Bonne fête, Canada!!

Sorry for all that.