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  • The OG

    You just have to watch… 🙈

  • Take a closer look at that snout!

    You’re welcome. M3

  • Dancing babies.

    Dancing babies.

    This video appeared as an ad before a video I watched the other day. April 3, 2019 Update:The original video that I shared has been taken down, so I’ve replaced it with a video of equal beauty. It’s amazing. Simply amazing. Everyone needs to see this video, which is why I’m sharing it here! You’re…

  • Psych2Go

    Psych2Go is a YouTube channel that explains and explores the human mind with a focus on mental health. Topics from introverts to depression to autism to therapy… their content is high quality, fun, and quite helpful to better understanding others and ourselves. Today I watched their “high functioning depression” explainer and it really got me…

  • Some jokes, tweets, and poems.

    Some jokes! What is it called when Batman leaves church early? Christian Bale. How do you put a baby alien to sleep? You rocket. Knock-Knock Jokes The person who invented knock-knock jokes deserves a “no-bell” prize. What did the grape say when it was squeezed? Nothing. It just gave out a little wine. What did…

  • Section/Article 22b.

    Welcome! Bienvenue! This post will be in compliance with section 22b of the Official Languages Act of Canada. Cette publication sera conforme à l’article 22b de la Loi sur les langues officielles du Canada. And yes, I am using Google Translate to assist me, though I’m trying to use my French skillz. So please forgive…

  • Emergency Puppy Pics!

    Tonight I’m not going to write. Instead, we have these puppy pictures! See more on Unsplash! You’re welcome! 🙃 M3

  • Watch this!

    This blog is supposed to be about me practicing writing and stuffs. But not tonight. 😂 M3

  • The Cowmoonity Fancast I mentioned this the other day, but I’m gonna share it again! This project was started with my friends on a group chat that we are a part of. On Thursday, we officially launched it and are very excited about the next episode!