Flying the Coop

Another chapter, a new adventure…

I have insomnia.

I couldn’t sleep for hours last night. Eventually I did fall asleep, but then I remained asleep longer than I wanted. Much longer. I woke up at four in the afternoon and didn’t do anything that I had intended to do which is frustrating.

I’ve also been feeling… somewhat down because of Crohn’s stuff today. Nothing too bad, but still.

Tonight I went to Dinner & Death—a weekly event with a group of nerds at a cafe up the road—and with Game of Thrones having concluded, we started a new series; American Horror Story: Cult. I haven’t watched any of the previous American Horror Story series, but I’m loving this so far! It’s scary, kinda gory, and an interesting story. It’ll be neat to see where it goes.

I also got to watch the premiere of The Orville which is a dramedy and also a parody of Star Trek. It was pretty good, actually! But a few of the best moments and lines that were in this episode were kinda spoiled because of their use in promotional material. I don’t like it when that’s done. It’s why I try to avoid trailers. Hopefully the coming episodes aren’t spoiled too much like the premiere was.

See ya!







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