I don’t like when Sarah counts sheep.

Actually, I don’t care. She can do whatever. I wrote that because she was looking over my shoulder.

We’re at a campground in majestic Squamish, BC. There were only two tent pads remaining when we arrived, which made us really happy because we didn’t want to find another campground after all the searching for this one we did.

I was just wondering what it would be like if the Borg were to invade Earth at this very moment. Right here in BC in this spot. I’d probably turn off the light then hide in my sleeping bag and let everyone else get assimilated as they run around panicking.

I had a really, really good flavour of gelato today. Biscottini or something like that. So much yummers!

Okay, I wrote a post for today. I’m gonna go back to listening to a group singing Happy Birthday and our neighbour discuss farting.


One thought on “I don’t like when Sarah counts sheep.

  1. Plus, you told me to count sheep in that list of activities you suggested to me while we were laying in the tent 😉 I honestly can’t remember any of the other “things to do while I blog” that you listed xD fun times!

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